Wednesday, February 11, 2015

November 2014 Playlist

I know I know, still playing catchup, but there were a lot of powerful songs in November that I couldn't resist sharing.  Enjoy

1. Animus Vox- Glitch Mob: What better way to start a playlist than with some Glitch Mob.  Genius, pure genius in sound J   Always motivating.

2. One and Only-Adele: This is one of the songs that made me fall in love with Adele.  This song always spoke to me, because I know I have been in this position before…. it is still a powerful song even if that situation is long since passed.

3. Stereo Hearts-Gym Class Heroes feat Adam Levine: This song is too hard not to love!  I love both of these amazing singers.  The analogies are genius J

4. Chasing the Sun-Sara Bareilles: Sara always has vivid lyrics.  A picture is painted for you, with her soulful voice.  This voice is a definite story.  “capture the feeling that my earth is somebody’s ceiling”

5. Let It Go-Frozen/Idina Menzel: I only include this song for my son who is still obsessed with this song, and refuses to refer to the movie as Frozen, instead insisting that it is called “Let It Go”

6. 4 am-Melanie Fiona: This is probably why I have been a hermit for about 2 years now.  Went through this with the last person and I will never be put in that position again.  Yes I am damaged goods, I know.  Listening to this song, I can totally feel her pain.
7. You & I-John Legend: One of my favorite John Legend songs.

8. The Worst-Jhene Aiko: Although it is slightly repetitive, I always liked this song and Jhene’s voice.

9. Cold-Crossfade: Another spectacular song from the Punisher soundtrack.  Always ready to rock out with this song :)

10. Where The Lines Overlap-Paramore:  I don’t know any Paramore songs that I don’t love, but this is another great one to add to the list.  Great lyrics as always: “too much distance, to measure it out loud”

11. We Never Change-Coldplay: Coldplay is always great music to lose yourself into.

12. Tell Me-Groove Theory: Had to throw some mid-90s music into the middle of my playlist since the 90s were so awesome and this is a great song.

13. Anytime-Brian McKnight: Such a classic R&B song, and all that there was to love in R&B music growing up.  Always nice to through in a reminiscent song.

14. Please Send Me Someone to Love-Sade: There are no bad Sade songs.  All of her music is fantastic.  But this song is definitely true for me.  I am definitely always open to the right person to come into my life for me to love. 

15. Been a Long Day-Rosi Golan: I find myself relating to this song :)

16. Take Over Control (Extended)-Afrojack feat Eva Simons: It’s always nice to have some fun catchy music in a playlist :)

17. Give Me Everything-Pitbull feat Ne-Yo and Naya: I love love love this song :)

18. Be Your Girl-Teedra Moses: Great song also

19. Chasing the Sun (Hardwell Remix)-The Wanted: Always great to spice up a popular song with a good remix.  Haha I just realized I have two songs on this playlist called Chasing the Sun…

20. Lose My Breath-Destiny’s Child: Oh the Memories, and I also loved the preppy versus hood Destiny’s Child dance fight in the video.

21. Relentless-Blackmill: Had to have Blackmill grace my playlist with their iconic flowing beats :)

22. Heist-Lindsey Sterling: This song always makes me picture a high-speed chase, maybe even on the open seas, or else a car chase on windy roads for some reason.  Great driving, cleaning or dancing around the house song.

23. Wonder Woman-Trey Songz: I always liked this song, but I definitely prefer Trey with the clean cut

24. Hold It Against Me-Britney Spears: No reason needed…  It’s Britney B*tch :)

25. Shake It Out-Florence and the Machine: A Great rejuvenating, upbeat move on with your life song :)

26. What Do You Want From Me-Cascada: I love to work out to Cascada, plus the lyrics are great.  Get that out in the open, no playing around.

27. Don’t Wake Me Up-Chris Brown: It’s fun, it’s catchy, it’s true

28. E.T.-Katy Perry feat Kanye West: I always felt that this song was fitting for me.  That the man I am meant to be with is obviously not the norm for this world.  I guess I need an alien ;)

29. Edge of Desire (Acoustic)-John Mayer: I don’t understand how anyone can NOT like John Mayer..  He just speaks to my very soul…  It’s like he sings to my whole being with all of his lyrics and his guitar and there is no one else in the world. I always dance around my house to this song, envisioning someone there with me.

30. Fearless-Colbie Caillat: Oh how I love Colbie.  This song speaks volumes.  It gives me strength in heart and reminds me that it’s ok to say goodbye and go on stronger and better from any situation.  

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