Monday, June 24, 2013

I Want To

Here is a past poem that I would like to share, Enjoy:)

I Want To
By: Brittany L. McCann

I Want to Feel
His Breathe Upon My Neck
His Lips Upon My Skin
His Arms Wrapped Around Me
The Racing of His Heart
The Butterflies He Gives Me
With Merely A Smile
I Want To Hear
The Way He Says My Name
A Sigh Escape From His Lips
His Voice When He First Wakes Up
The Happiness in His Laughter
The Sound of His Heartbeat
With My Ear Pressed Against His Chest
I Want to See
His Eyes Sparkle With Excitement
His Smile Light Up His Face
His Heart Shine From Within
His Confidence in Life
The Tears He Hides From the World
And Let Him Know It’s Ok to Make Mistakes
I Want To Touch
His Lips With Mine
His Skin With My Fingertips
His Body With My Kisses
His Heart With My Love
His Soul From Deep Within
So He Never Has to Wonder If I’m The One
I Want To Know
His Deepest Desires
His Darkest Fears
His Secrets No One Knows
What Truly Makes Him Happy
His Dreams & Aspirations
So I Can Help Make Them Happen
I Want To Make Him Feel Safe
I Want Him To Know He Is Mine
I Want To Hold His Hand
I Want To Make New Memories
I Want To Be His Diary
I Want To Protect Him
I Want To Support Him
I Want To Push Him To Be Better
I Want To Catch Him When He Falls
I Want To Make Him Smile Every Day
I Want To Love Him With All That I Am
But Most Of All
I Want To Begin Sharing My Life With Him

*I wrote this poem a few months after finding out that I was going to be a mother, and my emotions were at an all time high.  My heart was open more than it had ever been.  I was in a wonderful place in my life to allow love to enter.  I wanted to share all of the amazing experiences I was going through with someone.