Saturday, September 7, 2013

Insanity Cardio Abs Review & Cookie Failure

First I will start with the Abs Review.

Having taken a break from Insanity for awhile after it kicked my butt a few times (Insanity Plyometrics Review), I wanted to start back in to things a little slower, so I chose a 20 minute workout.  This happened to the be the Cardio Abs workout.  Having done a couple of the Insanity workouts before I was mentally prepared.

I'm not going to say that it was a bad workout, because it definitely did work my abs.  I felt that it was a little weak in comparison to the other things that I have come to expect from Insanity.  My Belly Pilates totally kicked that workouts butt!  See Belly Pilates Review

The workout starts with a warmup as they all do with Shaun T.  The most intense part would be the jump leg curl ins, which is very high impact on the body if you have back or knee issues, but you can definitely feel it.  About 3/4s of the exercise is spent on the mat.  I am not saying that this is a bad way to work your core, because I think you can reach your core splendidly this way.  I am not really sure how you can call it cardio given the slow pace and a lot of movements involving planking.  Once the mat came out I didn't feel like my heart rate really stayed up.

Overall I call this a nice, slower paced workout in terms of insanity.  It is definitely a core workout, but I would hesitate to classify it as full cardio.  There is some cardio in it, especially in the beginning.  If you haev never tried Insanity before, I would suggest it as a nice "easing into it" exercise, as the fit test can make you feel like you suck and shouldn't even start, and the Plyometrics leaves you in so much pain you never want to go back. 

*As I could not find any actual Shaun T previews, here is an exercise class a workout facility doing the workout, if you want to get a feel for what the workout is. 

Now back to the failed cookies.  If you read my blog last night about Liam's being fully potty trained, he still does want his cookie now and again after he goes potty and washes hands.  not always, but when he does there better be a cookie, needless to say we ran out of cookies this morning and he was LESS than impressed.  So I figured we could just makes some (did I mention that we need to go grocery shopping).  My recipe ended up with so much improvisation that it was a big mess.  However after tweaking with ingredients and adding some more stuff (mostly flour) I was able to make the second batch that came out of the oven more than a big mess, and actually suitable for the cookie container on the window sill.  I can show you the photos, but I won't give you the actual recipe because it did NOT work for me.  here are the 3 main reasons why it did NOT work. 

1. When making cookies you should ALWAYS use unsalted butter.  I only had 3 TBsp left and substituted margarine the rest of the way and this made the cookies not stick together as well and greasy
2. I know when I move I will find a thousand containers of baking soda as I see it all the time.  However some magical entity steals my baking soda when I go to make cookies which left me instead with 2 separate containers of baking powder.  this usually makes your cookies not rise as well and they stay flat and spread out.
3. I was trying to half a recipe that I was only half following anyway...  So it was a mess I can admit I had a cooking failure today haha

Needless to say I did get a GOOD dozen chocolate chip heath cookies that are a little flatter than they should be and also a big spread out cookie sheet of cookie mess, all tasted amazing, and I am saving and eating off of the scraped off flat spread out greasy cookie mess because I suck at presentation anyway and taste is definitely high for this mess :)

*Even though i am the improvisation queen, some things CANNOT be improvised, and when you improvise TOO much you end up with something else ENTIRELY :)  Have a great Saturday night.

Cookie Dough
Failed batch
Better Batch :)

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