Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cheese Stuffed BBQ Guacamole Burgers

Simple and delicious, a great twist to an old classic, enjoy!

1 lb Hamburger
Cheese Cubed (I made 6 burgers so I had 6 cubes each of smoked butterkase and mild cheddar)
Seasoning (BBQ & Alpine Touch)
Guacamole (store bought or home made)
BBQ Sauce
1-2 Pickles (Sliced)
Hamburger Buns (I had forgotten mine so you wont see any pictured here

Make 6 balls and flatten them out.  Season both sides.  Add 1 cube of each kind of cheese to each burger.  Rewrap around the cheese to ensure that none is showing.  Cook 3 at a time in a drying pan and flatten with the spatula.  Serve by add a generous amount of guacamole, placing the pickles on top and adding BBQ sauce, enjoy!

Make 6 balls and flatten
Add your seasoning
Place the cubes of cheese on the burgers
Rewrap the burger around the cheese
A smile from my sous chef with his turkey hat on
Place in a frying pan and flatten with the spatula
Add Guacamole pickles and BBQ sauce, enjoy!

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