Thursday, November 7, 2013

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey Review

I figured that with all of the times that I have seen this recently that I could write a review on it.  In case you don't already know, Curious George is one of Liam's favorite things to watch of all time.  So I was happy when I found it on Netflix, George AND an elephant.  Win Win right?  Or so I thought....  Little did I know that Liam would want to wake up and watch this movie come home and watch this movie and try to watch it before bedtime.

In case you don't know anything about Curious George, he is a monkey that is owned by "The Man in the Yellow Hat."  You never really know what this man does or what his name is in the tv show.  He looks like he could possible work at a zoo or lead safaris.  However in the movie you are told he is up for a job of museum director and that his name is Ted.  I didn't like how far from the show this movie went in regards to changes from the show.  "Ted" is never once called the man in the yellow hat.  Also his job doesn't seem to mesh with his background.

Returning to the background of Curious George.  George equates to about a 7 or 8 year old child in my mind as a monkey.  And he is left to his own devices quite often.  His curiosity gets him into trouble, but also helps him to learn valuable lessons.

Up to his regular tricks in the movie George goes to the circus and an Elephant is performing tricks but messes up and George wants to cheer him up and takes him home with him.  This leads to the Elephant being reported as kidnapped an a chase across the country to get her back.

If I had never seen the show before I would think that this was a great cute kids movie.  However I have, and with that being said I have many issues with this movie!  For instance, what happened to Professor Wiseman?  You never really know for sure if she is "Ted's" love interest, but she seems to be, and now there is some blonde chic that works for him names Maggie that is into him...  Ok what about Ted as a name?  It is just weird and doesn't sound right at all.  And then let's get to the apartment, How can you get rid of the doorman and Hundley the Dachshund that is one of George's friend's?   Those are the main things that really irked me.  But over all the movie was good.  If they could have stopped saying "Ted" all the time, I think it would have sat better with me.  However Liam didn't seem to notice or complain as long as George was involved and so he loves it all the same.

George is a great tool for learning, always using Science and Math.  So even with my issues with the movie, I still recommend it as a good clean safe kids movie.

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