Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Man On A Ledge

When I initially saw the previews this looked like a pretty dumb movie.  I saw the preview again and got somewhat intrigued by it.  I took my time getting around to actually watching it though and when I finally did sit down to it, I was enjoyed it quite a lot.

The movie is about Nick Cassidy, an ex cop who was sent to prison for stealing an enormous diamond and supposedly selling it off in pieces.  He escapes from prison right at the beginning of the movie and checks into a hotel and goes out on the ledge as a jumper to try to protest his innocence, hence the movie title.  I can admit that there was some immediate action but then a fairly slow start and a plan that didn't not seem overly thought out.  However as you delve deeper into the movie you notice things such as how great Elizabeth Banks is doing at playing a character that is not exploring her humorous side.  I was impressed with her ability to pull off the serious cop psychologist character.  I must say that the last half of the movie is the greatest and the ending half an hour makes the entire movie worth watching.  I actually found that some events were not as predictable as in many movies, and I think that the delivery went well.  There were definitely some shaky parts in the middle and some holes in the side story that never got fully filled in.  But the last part definitely jumped the ratings up in my book.  I give this movie 3 and a half to 4 stars out of 5.  Definitely not the greatest movie you will ever watch, but entertaining none-the-less and better than many movies I have seen lately.  Not to mention I love Sam Worthington from Avatar who has a nice voice to listen to :)  Ed Harris always plays a great bad guy to me as well.

It got about a little over a 50% approval rating and was ranked 5th when in the theater.  Worth a see on a lazy afternoon or when you can't sleep at night.

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