Friday, November 8, 2013

Reasons to Appreciate the Toddler Stage

I read an article today that lists 10 reasons why the toddler stage is the best stage and I just loved it.  If you are having a bad or a hard day with your toddler, it is a must read.  I wanted to add a couple of my own reasons onto the list as well.  The 10 listed in the article are as follows:

  1. They still nap = winning. *Oh man do I appreciate each and every minute of nap time. 
  2. They don't know how to spell *As Liam and I live alone this isn't as much of an issue because I don't need to spell things to another adult, but in the event that I do this is helpful.
  3. You can give 'em a paci when they're being loud *Long car rides can be better with them that's for sure.
  4. They want to sit in your lap all the time *I try to appreciate each and every moment of this stage and how close Liam wants to be with me and snuggles with me and things I am awesome.
  5. They think everything you do is hilarious *And want to be tickled all the time.  
  6. They let you have control of the radio in the car *I treasure this, in fact right now the only thing that Liam complains about with music is if I need to turn it up.  
  7. They call you "Mommy"  *I love being called Mommy :)
  8. They keep you active *Oh man yes they do, and that is why nap time is so treasured
  9. They're easily impressed * I love that everything I do is so awesome :) 
  10. They let you you hold their hand *I already have to wrestle Liam into this one a lot of the time, as he has started the "ow you are hurting me by barely touching me" stage
I have a couple of my own to add to the list:
11.  They can't tell time.  *I am going to be in big trouble on those nights that i try to start bedtime early when he can tell time
12.  They LOVE to play outside.  *I never have to beg Liam to go outside to play, in fact I have to bribe him to get him to stay inside sometimes because he already has been bathed and jammied and I don't want him to get all dirty
13. They don't pronounce every thing right * I honestly LOVE this about Liam, such as the way he says Elephant (Epitant).  I try to treasure it every time he says it because I know the days are limited and I wish that he would never say it right. 
14. Reading books is fun *I hope that I can say that at all ages, but I know that as some kids get older, reading books isn't the "cool" thing to do and hopefully he will be able to stand up to that. 
15. Yelling out things we see from the car * For example, water, bus, train, airplane, etc.  Liam and i have so much fun doing this that I find myself about to yell something out even if he isn't in the car with me. 

There are so many wonderful things to find in all stages of childhood, and these are just merely a few!  What are some more that you have found or would like to add?  I will add more as well after I see the responses. 

If you would like to read the original article it can be found at:
10 reasons why the toddler stage is the best

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