Monday, November 25, 2013

Things That Make Me Cry at Work

In the past month I have found myself reading stories or watching YouTube Videos that have me crying at work.  I have never been a big crier, until I had my son, and now I am turning into my mother.  So although I set out with my steely exterior there are certain things that I com across that seem to make tears fall at work.  Luckily I am facing away from everyone else and I keep telling myself that no one knows that it is happening, since I am not a loud sobber, just silent tears that I have to wipe away with my heart broken or expanded with love.  I thought it would be nice to share some of the things that have brought tears to me even in a public place.  Enjoy: 

Reggie The Dog
Most recently I came across this amazing article, related to animals and what I had originally posted to facebook
Here I am again, crying at work... Totally worth it though. If you have never had the unconditional love of a dog, than you have been missing a dimension of love that you will never find from anything else in life. Definitely worth the read, but fair warning that it is a tear jerker.... Seriously what is wrong with me... at least once a week I am crying at work now haha
Volunteering with animals, I have fallen in love with a cat, and now if she is there after Thanksgiving I am going to take her home....  I find myself hoping more and more that she is still there....
Click to read:

Reggie The Dog


The Famous Proposal
Another thing to make me cry at work... I don't think any words I have would even compare to the love that comes through this video. Watching things like this make me feel like I will never find anyone who loves me that much. I swear everyone at work must think I am an emotional mess I cry at least once a week with these happy and sad stories...
Click to watch the long but worthwhile video:
The Famous Proposal

 Advice for EVERY Mother
I know this has been going around facebook, and I have been purposely avoiding watching it because I didn't want to cry at work, but I finally gave in this morning and EVERY parent needs to see this, especially moms, because we are SO hard on ourselves.  I swear I should watch this at least once a week... heck just thinking about it makes me cry.
Click here to watch the video
The Video EVERY Mother MUST Watch

Adopt Me Please
I seriously need to not read things like this while I am at work. My heart breaks for this boy to not have a family there for him. I hope he is placed with the best match for him possible. I am sad for any child out there without someone to love them even half as much as the love I feel for my son...
Just thinking about this makes me want to adopt...
Read the full article here

Adopt me

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