Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Gone Wrong: Dumb Criminals Part 5

I have missed learning about some of the many dumb criminals out there, so thought it was time to come back and do one more before the year was up.  Tragically, the vast amount of dumb criminals on a day to day basis would enable me to write these blogs for a very long time without running out of stories.  Today I decided to focus on dumb criminals that messed up celebratory occasions.

To start us off I want to talk about 34 year old Krysta James.  She was charged with stabbing her fiance' in a fight over the wedding color schematic.  Now I know that this can be a stressful time, but the worst person you can stab would be the man that is about to marry your crazy ass, pick someone less likely to mess up the rest of your life, such as the caterer ;)  Oh, and did I mention that this also happened on Christmas Day.  Merry Christmas to you haha.

You can read the full story at: Woman stabs man during domestic dispute

Decorating the tree with family should be a happy time...  but not if there is only an ornament with your brother's name and none with yours according to Lewis Atwood.  Atwood was charged with assaulting his mother while decorating the Christmas tree once he discovered that there was in fact NO ornament celebrating his name.  This caused him to punch his mother in the face four or five times.  Apparently he was intoxicated at the time and lead to a misdemeanor assault charge.  I have a feeling that one of his previous outbursts had caused his mother to long ago smash the ornament with his name on it....

The full story can be found here: Man attacked mother in Christmas ornament dispute

If you are a marijuana user, wouldn't you want some as a Christmas present.  Apparently Randy Jesus Valdiva thought this was a very clever way to smuggle marijuana, by placing it in Christmas presents.  This was no small operation however, he had 20 pounds worth of marijuana in large boxes that were wrapped to resemble Christmas presents.  He was stopped by police as they said that he had criminal indicators and he allowed them to search his van.  Inside the presents was enough marijuana for a street value of $160,000.  It could have been a great plan if he wouldn't have gotten stopped.

The full story: Man smuggling marijuana in Christmas presents

Christmas tree decorating can be dangerous business.  In South Carolina a huge fight ensued among three sisters over Christmas tree decorating as a result of two sisters starting to decorate while the third was still at work.  The women were aged 24, 61 and 76.  A male relative tried to calm the tensions, but things escalated from there.  As a result there was yelling and shoving by all, enough so that at some point the police were called.  No charges were brought but the incident still shows how important Christmas tree decorating can really be.

View the story and police report here: Christmas tree decoration fight

And last but most certainly not least is the most heinous of all: A South Carolina woman,Patty White,  who has confessed to killing a family friend and burying her under the Christmas presents...  Why might someone do such an awful thing?  Apparently over some money, she killed her and then stole some debit cards and tried to get cash out of her accounts.   The woman who was killed, Michele O'Dowd was letting White stay with her because she had fallen on some hard times.  What better way to say thank you for having such a kind heart, and a Merry Christmas to you.  :(

The story can be found here: Woman buried under Christmas presents

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