Saturday, October 19, 2013

Social Networking Gone Wrong: Dumb Criminals Part 4

Social networking can be very useful for a variety of things. But in recent years it has become an amazing tool to help law enforcement catch suspects that give themselves away.  Here are a few of the most stellar examples of such:

Let's start this night off with a photo that was posted to facebook of a guy posing next to a police car siphoning gas out of the car.  Let me just say that this rates VERY high on the DUMBASS scale.  The
man and his girlfriend (the photographer) have reportedly said that it was only meant as a joke.  Although I thin they went to a lot of work to actually set the gas can up to the car with the hose to show the "mock siphoning."  Any thoughts?

Read the entire story here: Gas siphoning posted on facebook

Now we come to another incredibly "intelligent" human being.  Fugitive Chris Crego plead guilty to assault but when time for his sentencing came he had already fled the state.  However, he didn't forget
to leave behind breadcrumbs for the police to follow.  He updated not just facebook but also myspace with his new location, workplace and work hours.  If that wasn't enough to show that he was the wanted man he also posted a picture of his wanted poster on his facebook.  Needless to say he didn't stay "free" for long.

Read the entire story here: Facebook locations can actually be used to locate you

As if drunk driving wasn't stupid enough, this Oregon teen Jacob Cox-Brown posted about it in a facebook message apologizing for whoever's car he hit.  Oh yes, that's right he was drunk driving and ALSO a hit and run.  Police happened to show up at his doorstep the next day which also happened to be New Year's day.   His smiley face at the end of his status message indicated his serious lack of empathy. 

Read the full story here: Status message leads to drunk driver

Then of course we come to possibly one of the greatest or possibly the worst dumb criminals of all time we come to Michael Shane Hagger.  He was wanted in New Zealand on charges of shoplifting when he went to a police facebook page.  A picture of Hagger was posted with a request for any information.  Hagger thought it would be funny to post "Hoo Rah" on the photo.  His taunting only
garnered him national attention in an attempt to find him.

Read the story here:  Cops taunted on facebook post

Maybe it's just me but I would think that if I were going to break into someone's house and steal something that I would want to be in and out of there as fast as possible and not leave any trace of having been there.   This was not the case for 19 year old Jonathan Parker.  He allegedly stole at least 2 diamond rings from a woman's house but in the process he logged into her computer and used his facebook...  being the brilliant teen that he was he forgot to log out of the account and was easily identified as the burglar. 

The full article can be found here: Burglar leaves his facebook signed in

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