Saturday, January 25, 2014

How To Make Bubble Tea

As my Bubble/Boba Tea addiction has been spreading, I have been getting many inquiries about what it is and how to make it!  I previously wrote a blog about the background of the delicious drink and figured it was about time that I wrote a step by step instruction blog.  Enjoy!  And please let me know if you have any questions.

If you want to view the blog about what Bubble Tea is check it out: Bubble Tea: My Addiction

Today we decided to make Apple Cinnamon Honey Dew Bubble Tea :)  it was the most delicious combination of flavors yet!

2 Cups Pearl Tapioca
3 Tbsp Honey (You can also use simple syrup if you prefer)
Apple Cinnamon Tea
Milk (I used Rice Milk)
4-5 squirts of Honey Dew flavored syrup
Wide Straws (Straws with Tapered ends make getting any remaining tapioca easier at the end of the drink)

Get a sauce pan to a roiling boil with about 4 Cups of water.  (It is imperative that the water is boiling before you add the tapioca or it will turn into goop)
Prepare Tea
Strain out 2 Cups of Pearl Tapioca to shake off any loose powder.
Add the pearl tapioca to the boiling water and stir continuously for about 10-15 minutes (they should be a little bit chewy).
Pour into a strainer and run cold water on the tapioca to keep from sticking together.
Add 3 Tbsp Honey to a Container with a lid, heat up for about 15 seconds.  Add the tapioca to the Container and top just barely with cold water.  Stir until the honey is thoroughly mixed in.  
Pour the brewed tea in to a Large glass (possibly a pilsner glass) about 3/4 or a little more full.  Add 4-5 squirts of the Honey Dew syrup.  Put 2-3 Large spoonfuls of the Tapioca into the glass.  Top off with any kind of milk you would like, I used rice milk.  Place the straw into the cup and stir thoroughly.  Enjoy!

First you need the Tapioca! 
Put about 2 Cups of tapioca in a strainer and shake it around a little bit to get rid of any loose powder
Select a tea that goes with the flavor you want to use
Bring water to a rolling boil
Brew the tea
Add the tapioca and stir continuously
Pour the tapioca into a strainer and run cold water over top
Get the honey out
Add honey to a seal able container
Microwave for 15 seconds
Pour the tapioca into the container and top with water
Pour the brewed tea into the serving glasses about 3/4 of the way full

Add the honey dew syrup to the tea
Add 2-3 spoonfuls of the pearl tapioca
Top with Milk
Pick a wide straw to use
Add the straw to the glass, stir thoroughly and serve!

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