Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meditation Jar: Our Attempt

I posted a blog a couple of days ago with a few DIY kid projects that I wanted Liam and I to try.  We decided to try the meditation jar ourselves.  It turned out quite well overall.  Liam had a wonderful time and it was minimal mess.  We had one small mishap when I accidentally hit the table and spilled one of the bottles before the water was in it, but we cleaned it up easily.
We followed the steps but not in the exact order.  The two changes we would make would be that  we should have put the glitter in after the water so that there was no glue globs and that we would not have put as much food coloring in, but with Liam in charge it still turned out great!  The pictures don't show the glitter as well as in person.
I was really excited to try this out as the alternative to timeout to see if it would be effective on Liam or not.  Later in the day we did end up needing to use it, and when it was a time that I would have put Liam into timeout, I had him take one of the bottles and shake it up.  The first time he wanted a different color than the one I handed to him but then he calmed down right away.  However the second time it was amazing, once I could get it into his hand and have him shake it up and tell him to watch the glitter fall to the bottom, almost instantly he was calm and didn't even need to wait for the glitter to finish falling and he could go on with his day!  I truly couldn't believe it.  I know it sounds really hoaxy, but I swear that is exactly how it worked.  No idea if it will continue to work this way or not, but it's nice to at least have another effective step of some way to get Liam in control of his feelings and change the situation without timeout. 

- Plastic Bottle (or you can use the mason jar or baby food jar that was in the original post)
- Glitter Glue
- Food Coloring
- Warm Water

Mix about 1 tablespoon of glitter glue with 1 cup of warm water...depending on the size of your bottle. We decided to do more than one so that there would be options.  I noticed that each time it was needed Liam wanted to try a different color.  I also changed to a  plastic bottle from glass so that it was not as easily breakable.  

Here are our step by step photos!  Enjoy and good luck, I would love to see any photos and hear any stories of anyone else who has or does try this out!  Good luck, it worked fabulously for us.

Getting our supplies ready

Adding the Glitter Glue

Adding Food Coloring

Add Warm Water & Shake

If You want to see the original DIY:Activities Blog Click: DIY Kid Activities

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