Friday, February 28, 2014

February's Playlist

Here are the songs that stuck with me or somehow affected me this month!  Enjoy!  :)  I am always open to new song suggestions, as you will notice I don't listen to a lot of newer music haha.

This song always makes me want to revisit Devil Wears Prada & 13 Going on 30

Secondhand Serenade rocks at life...  "I was born to tell you I love you" 

I love the Cardigans, I love this song, what more needs to be said haha

Liam and I like to watch and listen to this song on repeat over and over again.  We watch the extra features on Rio more than we watch the movie anymore.  I absolutely LOVE this song.  It is so heartfelt!

John Legend's song was already awesome, but when you add Lindsey it's the epitome of an epic song that will last

I wish that there were more fuel songs, I loved them all. I have had a lot of random bad days this month and somehow listening to this song makes me feel better and smile to myself thinking of the things that make it a bad day.

Breakign Benjamin always has some great instrumentals going on, and this is a good song :)

I don't think Pandora lets me go an entire week without this song, and they always give me this amazing acoustic version that I love! I always have to stop whatever I am doing and crank it up and sing a long with it! This song has such painful lyrics and yet it is beautiful in it's pain. I love Sara!

This is another song that you just have to stop and sing along with! It makes you want to sing, I love Ellie! She has so many songs that just speak to my soul!

This song has such an eerie soulful tone, you instantly recognize it and the vampire franchise seems to love it.

This song always makes me feel like an epic battle is about to go down. I love it!

I have found myself listening to a lot of Stone Sour songs lately but I always loved this one.

This song is and always will be my all-time favorite Weezer song! It just makes you happy to listen to it!

This is another one of those songs that is even more amazing in acoustics. I LOVE the lyrics to this song.

John Mayer is so talented, I love this song. I always have a hard time matching his voice and his face, he just doesn't look like he would have such a soothing and gentle voice haha.

This is seriously one of my single anthems for hope in love

I love pre-country Jewel! And this song

Liam and I love jamming out to this song that is also featured in Despicable Me 2! And it makes you happy :)

Oh Coldplay I love you and this song too.... Must be the month of love haha

My month wouldn't be complete with out a song from FATM to grace my playlist

Oh yes Mandy Moore, Center Stage & Sascha Redetsky.... I am in heaven....

I am seriously jamming while making this playlist and I love this song

That's right Mya! Girl power!

Seether & Amy lee seriously made one of the greatest collaborations EVER in this song

When I was younger my mom used to constantly listen to Sarah, As I got older I really listened to her lyrics and realized that she had a ton of sexual lyrics but she described love in a way that wasn't often approached and I love her now too! This song is great as well

Last but certainly not least is J Lo's Play! This was definitely me when I went out. I always wanted the DJ to play my song. So there you have it a song for each day of the months. Enjoy!

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