Sunday, June 8, 2014

May 2014 Playlist

Here are 31 songs one for each day of May that stood out to me in the last month.  I just wanted to share them with you.

1. Once Upon A Dream-Lana Del Rey: As a little girl Sleeping Beauty was always one of my all-time favorite Disney movies and this was one of my favorite songs.  I even used to sing this to Liam all the time when he was little.  I think that Lana did an amazing job of making this song sound haunting and beautiful.  I love it whenever I hear it.

2. Kerosene-Miranda Lambert: I am not a huge country fan, but I feel like there are definitely some songs and artists that stand out to me.  This is definitely one of the greatest break-up songs to me.  "I'm givin' up on love, 'cause love's givin' up on me" has always been my favorite part. 

3. Do It 2 Me-Allstar Weekend: I really like this song.  It is catchy and a slowed down song for Allstar weekend.

4. Listen To Your Heart-DHT: I have to say that I have always loved DHT's remakes of Roxette's songs.  I love the original and the remake.  This is one of my favorite remakes that DHT did.  They definitely took this classic and modernized it, without ruining the original.  The lyrics are just great also, although DHT can't take credit for that part.

5. Oxygen-Colbie Caliat: I seriously love Colbie.  Here station never steers me wrong on pandora.  I love the lyrics to this song.

6. Om Purnam-Deva Premal: I just love listening to Deva's songs.  They calm me and I love the tone of the music.

7. A Song For Mama: Boyz II Men: For Mother's Day of course, and because original Boyz II Men rocks at life, and so does Soul Food movie in all it's jacked up-ness.  The lyrics are great also :)

8. We Run The Night: Havana Brown feat Pitbull:  Liam and I love to play our evening hockey to fun songs like this.  It's fun and catchy

9. Tonight( (Best You Ever Had)-John Legend feat Ludacris: Seriously my all-time favorite John Legend song.  This has been my phone ringer since it was first released.  I still can put this song on repeat for days.  And I love the move Think Like A Man and Michael Ealy...  oh wait this is about music....

10. Wonderwall-Oasis: I can still sing this whole song from memory.  Whenever I hear it, reminds me of cassette tapes and childhood.  What a spectacular song.

11. Gravity-John Mayer: Oh how I love this song!  It always makes me stop what I am doing and just listen to it.  And John has some of the greatest lyrics.

12. Boston-Augustana: I seriously love this song :)

13. Greedy Fly-Bush: Such a spectacular song.  Bush will always be one of my all-time favorites and my crush for Gavin will never go away!  Razorblade Suitcase was one of the albums to have back in the day.  "Do you feel the way you hate, do you hate the way you feel?"

14. Titanium-David Guetta feat Sia: This song is just wonderful.  I love the message, I love the way that the video was done.  Sia is awesome, David is a genius.  Great song all around.

15. If You Could Only See-Tonic: Oh the memories...  this song is still such a good one.  "If you could only see how blue her eyes can be, when she says... when she says she loves me."

16. crushcrushcrush-Paramore: Haley is so great, I love Paramore.  This song always stands out to me.  "Let's be more than... THIS...   I'd rather waste my life pretending, than have to forget you for one whole minute"

17. Say It Ain't So-Weezer: Such a classic Weezer song.  It's such a great song to drive around and sing the chorus at the top of your lungs

18. Beyond The Veil-Lindsay Sterling: I love what Lindsay is doing for the violin and making it stand out as the amazing instrument that it is.  It's great to see her success with how much of a better budget the new videos are, but I love them all.

19. Deuces-Chris Brown: I think we all have someone that we want to say "deuces" to.  I love this song though.  No matter how much trouble Chris Brown gets into, I feel like he really puts it all out there in a lot of his music.  And the boy can sing and dance.

20. All Around Me (Acoustic)-Flyleaf: I love the original of this song, but recently I heard the acoustic and it just made the song even more beautiful and powerful.  Such a great song, and the lyrics.

21. Please-Toni Braxton: This song always stands out to me as well.  Such a great one.  Toni has some great lyrics as well.

22. Spirit Indestructible-Nelly Furtado: Nelly has the lyrics to my soul.  I feel like through her music we are kindred spirits.  I just lover her and the message in her songs.  Her open-minded thinking and her view on things.  This is another one of her many powerful songs "I have a spirit indestructible, a heart that lovin' was made for"

23. Oh Miah-Blackmill: Another powerful song.  This song is so beautiful.

24. Independent Women Part 1-Destiny's Child: Oh much I love Destiny's Child.  This was the only new Charlie's Angels movie that I watched and own haha.  But I love this song. Watching the video is so hilarious, especially Beyonce' she looks so different now.

25. Good Life-Kanye West feat T-Pain: This song is just upbeat and positive, and makes me want to have a good day :)

26. If I Never See Your Face Again-Maroon5 feat Rihanna: Two artists that I love.  This is such a great song also.  A great collaboration.

27. Addiction-Ryan Leslie feat Cassie & Fabolous: I love Ryan Leslie, that man is so freaking talented.  This song is great I love everyone on it.

28. Climax-Usher:  Usher truly is just timeless.  He is consistent in putting out great, stand out music. He can always personify a classy kind of seduction.

29. Words-Anthony David feat India.Arie: This song has never left me from the first time that I ever heard it.  These are some of the most powerful lyrics with a great love message.  india.arie has always been one of my favorites also.

30. Hold My Heart-Sara Bareilles: This is such a spectacular song.  Sara is so talented also.  The powerful message of this song is very intense. "Does anybody know, how to hold my heart... 'cause I don't want to let go let go let go too soon.  I want to tell you so, before the sun goes dark, how to hold my heart, cause I don't want to let go let go let go of you."

31. The One-Mary J. Blige feat Drake: Sing it Mary J.  This song always makes me want to get up and dance.  Mary J. is always great for a woman confidence booster song :)

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