Sunday, August 10, 2014


I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Mirian is written by D.S. England.  It is book about the port city of Mirian and the people that reside there; mostly The Watch, the mercenary Talon, and other various riff-raff characters here and there. 

England did a wonderful job of setting up the story, there is a lot of action going on and the the story definitely has a dark, almost desperate tone.  The reader can connect with the characters and truly feel their struggle.  All main characters are well defined and described and I loved how there was a great all-around view of events from many different points of view.  This was written with a great fluidity so that you did not feel lost with the change in view point. 

Mirian definitely hits the ground running with instant intrigue and betrayal.  There are definitely many desperate moments, and also moments of singular character development and personal perseverance.  I definitely did not see the way the "plague" aspect was going to play out and thought that it was well-imagined by the author. 

I liked Seline the most, although she wasn't one of the main characters, and I liked to be in the mind of Theal, even though it came with many unexpected surprises.  The book does a great job of capturing the frantic situation that each character finds themselves in.  Captain Nathan Tam, definitely is a great example of an honorable man faced with a desperate time. 

The main detracting forces for this story are the same as most books I have read of late...  Typos and grammar issues.  In addition there were also several formatting issues in the Kindle format where a sentence would stop in the middle and big up tabbed down in the beginning of a new paragraph. 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite the distractions.  I give the story a 4/5 stars, and would love to see a cleaned up version to earn the 5 stars this book can easily obtain.  Mirian ends with the intent on another installment into the series and left me with curiosity and yearning to know what is in the next story.  I will definitely be reading book two.  If you are into intrigue, betrayal, mystery suspense, action, character development, darker themed books, paranormal/fantasy than this book is definitely for you! 

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