Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY: Valentine's Ideas For Women

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I know that I will be spending another year without a Valentine.  I do not say this with regret, sadness or loneliness, just as a statement of fact.  I bring this up only because I want to do something special for myself.  I want a nice homemade gift from one of my favorite people in the world me!  And then an even more favorite person in the world can help me, my son of course!  So in the true crafty spirit I have found a few DIY ideas that will get the creative juices flowing and allow Liam and I to choose something awesome to create that I can enjoy on Valentine's Day!  I decided to write a blog about it because I know that I am not the only woman out there that loves a more personal gift, and what better time to receive than Valentine's.  Here are some of the top ideas that I have come up with and will pick one to do a step-by-step blog on in the spirit of Valentine's Day!  I would love to see other DIY projects that anyone else has come across and hear about any of your attempts to recreate these ideas!  Good luck and I hope that in whatever capacity you spend V-Day in that it is full of happiness and love!

Sweet Orange Lip Balm
This sounds delicious and doesn't look TOO difficult, although I don't think I need to make so much or but it in as crazy of containers.

 If you are interested in making this check it out at:
All Natural Lip Balm

If you would like a salve that was a bit more earthy you could make the homemade salve:

Directions here:
Homemade Salve

Kitchen Herb Garden
I know that there are MANY MANY variations as to how to make a quick and easy herb garden, but this is just one example. 

check it out here:

Kitchen Herb Garden

Bath Tea
I love tea and I love a nice hot bath...  So why not combine the two!  Bath tea, what an excellent ideas! 

You can find the directions here:

Homemade Bath Tea

Valentine's Day Journal
This may have been originally intended for a teacher and for V-Day but I could easily see this being made for ANYONE and using any sort of decoration.  I can totally see Liam helping me out on this and giving me an awesome hand print or something cool! 

If you would like to make your own check it out here:

Valentine's Day Journal

Soaks & Scrubs

I am down with either one.  You can never have enough of this stuff and homemade is always great because you get to chose your own scents and customize it!  So easy to do!

For the herbal Foot Soak go to :

Herbal Foot Soak Recipe

For the sugar scrub go to:

Lemon Sugar Scrub

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