Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hilarious YouTube Videos Part 5

It's that time again, to watch some wonderful videos out in the midst of the youtube universe.  I have been building up some for the last two months, so I hope that you enjoy what I have to share this evening!  please comment any suggestions for future installments of Hilarious YouTube Videos :)  Thank you!

James Franco was having such a hard time not laughing at Zach haha, I love the Lonely Island

For my southpatk fans :) 

I never realized how hilarious two people staring at each other could be until I came across this, caution may contain spoilers if you haven't seen the Twilight movies yet

Hopefully you can realize that this is satire haha

This is the greatest trailer for Les Miserables of all time :)

In case you have missed the hilarity in previous blogs, you can check them out here: 

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