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The Mind Of a Toddler: Strange Bedtime Requests

I like to try to keep track of some of the crazy stuff my son does and says throughout the month and then look back at it and laugh.  I started blogging it a couple months ago, and I am pleased at the response.  Please feel free to share your own toddler antics here!  Enjoy!

Liam just told me that he peed in his pants and then I pulled them off him really fast and they were dry. I asked him about 5 times "did you really pee in your pants?" He told me yes every time. After I got his pants off he ran off giggling and is now playing pant-less with a firetruck in glee..... Boys.... 

I take my child to have ice cream at McDonald's and play at the playplace and he wants to hangout and eat apples haha.  This can't be my child, Ice Cream should trump everything!

Before bed one night, Liam had three book choices so I asked him to pick one.
He says "No mom, you pick one"
So I did and he said "No mom pick one"
So I pick a second one and get told told "No pick one"
So finally I selected the third one and he said "Yeah mom, good job"
Apparently I really didn't have any choice in the matter after all haha.  (And they say girls are difficult)

Liam's new favorite mealtime activity is to sneak over and try to grab as much of one thing on my plate as he can and shove it into his mouth or drink all of my drink. He then runs away in glee taunting me with "I ate/drank it all mom" then he comes over hugs me and gives me a kiss. We have the exact same thing on both of our plates. Although I am happy that he is eating his fill, he tried to eat all of my food first before he eats his own. Needless to say "mommy" doesn't find it quite so humorous and Liam has lost his Pingu watching privilege for the remainder of the meal. Plus side, it helps me eat less... Downside Liam sucks at staying seated while eating. Oh the joys of motherhood.....

I made Liam a sandwich a couple of days with Boy Choy, Miracle Whip, Roast Beef & Smoked Butterkase cheese. Every day since then he has asked me for the sandwich with the green haha. At least my boy is healthy

Liam sometimes like to put his book on his face and play the "where's Liam?" Game in the middle of reading. However, tonight we were reading and he slams the book up onto my face saying "Where's Mommy?" I said "Liam please stop you have to be gentle that hurts mommy" and so he says "do it to me mom" and so I open the book and gently put it up to his face and said "where' Liam" he says "stop mom, that hurts". Then he giggles grabs the book and says "Your turn mom". How the heck did that turn into a game?

 I told Liam he has one more minute before he had to lay down for bed and he grabbed a blanket and put it into his mouth. So I asked him "Is that how you want to spend your last minute, chewing on a blanket?" He said yes and then after a second he asked me to spit in his eye. I said "eww gross, no". And he said "do it mom, do it!" I told him I was not going to spit into his eye, needless to say his minute is now gone. Boys.....

Liam (who was supposed to be in bed asleep almost an hour ago) just came out into the living room and brought me one of his small fuzzy blankets to trade for my couch throw blanket. He said "Here mom, this is for you." And then he points to the one I was using "That one is Liam's." I said "Oh really" He says "yes mom, come on, help me" and started carrying it off to the bedroom. Needless to say I am now writing this with a green fuzzy monkey blanket that at least covers my legs haha.

Liam has recently started making faces in the mirror when he brushes his teeth now. (Personally I blame Pingu since anytime Pingu is in the bathroom he makes faces in the mirror at himself). But then he started saying things to his reflection like "Hi, I'm Liam" "This is Liam (points to self) and this is Mom" (points to me) At least I get to be included haha.

Liam and I were playing a game he made up using a shoelace and the table. He explained the rules to me and I followed. He says to be "Good job mom. You did it. Tickle Tickle". And tries to tickle my belly haha

Liam discovered a 32 minute long youtube video of nothing but live firetrucks responding. He is transfixed... and not even a single fire yet, just lots of sirens, horns and lights haha.  I swear he didn't even blink the entire time.  

Liam was eating lunch and he was wanting more fruit. I told him he could have some more if he ate a section of his sandwich. I just caught him take the sandwich stand up to pretend like he was doing something while holding the sandwich behind his back and move closer and closer to Kiri (the dog) to try to get her to take it from him. All the while he keeps looking back to see where she is. I just asked "Liam what are you doing?" He quickly threw the sandwich to Kiri and said "Mom, Kiri eat it! Kiri outside". Poor Kiri.....  

When Liam hands you an apple and says "Mom, open it please." What he means is that he wants me to take the first bite out of the apple so that it's easier for him to eat. Also when singing the itsy bitsy spider and it's Liam's turn to sing, the spider goes up the water spout about 20 times before the rain come down to wash it out.... 

Liam was eating bites off of my pizza and so when I had eaten it all he told me "Mom you ate all your food, time out". I asked "Why do I get a timeout for eating my own food?" He just said "Time out mom, time out!" I guess I lost that argument....

 Liam has the weirdest morning cravings. This morning he currently has on his plate (all at the same time) a cheese crisp, a yogurt, pickles and a spoon full of peanut butter..... Some days I swear I have a pregnant woman inside of my toddler hahaha. 
Liam is ever the imaginative procrastinator (I wonder where he gets it from) especially when it comes to bedtime. He can think of all kinds of reasons to attempt to prolong going to sleep and for a way to get up out of bed. This evening the new request I had was to tickle his face with my hair not one, not two, but five times. Haha yes this is what he wanted me to do and giggled with such glee that I was happy to have obliged. Never a dull moment haha.

Liam was reading a book to me and it had a black beetle and he was counting the legs and then all of a sudden he pulls his hand back really fast and says "Ow, get away bug. Go outside!" Hahaha I love my child, who gets bitten by bugs on the pages of books 

Liam and I were playing peekaboo with the shower curtain when he started throwing bath toys at me. I told him he couldn't throw anything else or we would have to stop playing. So the next time he took something and gently placed it outside of the tub and gave me an impish grin.... Somehow I feel like I just got bested..... 

Liam knelt on a block and his knee was hurt. I did the normal kissing it better routine, but apparently that wasn't enough. Instead I had a request to get the bubbles out and blow bubbles onto his knee. I of course obliged and it seemed to do the trick. Haha where does he get these ideas? 

Here are a couple spectacular videos from the last month haha

A few photos of the last month: 

Liam's first hospital gown at the doctor
Portraits at school

Helping out with the laundry
St Patrick's Day Green

Sweeping the back porch
Playing with packing materials
First Time Bowling!
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