Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 2014 Playlist

Many songs contributed to an amazing birth month for me!  Here are 30 of them, one for each day of April to give you a little insight into what music impacted me this past month.

1. Let Her Go-Passenger:  This song always makes me chuckle to myself by the truth in the chorus "You only miss the sun when it starts to snow.....  Only know you've been high when you're feeling low,  Only hate the road when you're missing home" 

2. Morning After Dark-Timbaland feat Nelly Furtado & SoShy:  This song always makes me jam out in my car, and I love Nelly so much!  It's just fun.

3. All For Love-Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting: 3 great amazing voices, and such a great song that expresses so much love and also from the great Three Musketeers....

4. Find Me A Man-Toni Braxton:  I love love love the lyrics in this song.  Great qualities to look for, and very fitting for my single 30th birthday that came to pass.

5. Break It Off-Rihanna feat Sean Paul: Such a great combination and I love this song, makes me want to get up and dance.  It has definitely followed me through the years.

6. Break Stuff-Limp Bizkit:  Haha well let's just say that I had reason for a bit of angst this past month and this song was VERY fitting.  Such a great angry jam.

7. Leave You Alone-Young Jeezy feat Ne-Yo:  What can I say, this song is a good one and it makes me sing along.  I think most of us have a bad boy/girl in our past

8. Fantasy-Mariah Carey: Good old classic Mariah.  Love it

9. Just A Girl-No Doubt:  One of the first songs to make me fall in Love with No Doubt.  And it is still great

10.  Shouldv'e Kissed You-Chris Brown: I love this song.....

11. Sleepless-Kate Havenik: This song is great.  I love the lyrics, Kate's voice and the tempo of the song.

12. Be Still-Kaskade: Kaskade is always awesome in my book and I like this song that is a bit slower tempo for them!  And the video is pretty awesome

13.  Hips Don't Lie-Shakira feat Whylef Jean: How can you not love this song?  I always want to perfect my belly dancing skills whenever I think of this song and how awesome Shakira's skills are.

14. A Thousand Years Part 2-Christina Perry feat Steve Kazee: Part 2 is so much better than the original.  I love this song every time I get it, I want to slow dance or ballet across my living room floor while belting out the words. (Yes I am aware that I have issues haha)

15. All I Wanted-Paramore: Oh how I love Paramore and Haley's voice.  They usually rock out harder but I love their slow songs, such as this one and the lyrics are pretty great as well

16. Never Let Me Go-Florence & the Machine: FATM is seriously one of the greatest of all times.  Every single song I hear makes me take a pause in life to just stop and listen for a moment and revel in the vibes that are put forth by the lyrics and the vocals and the instrumentals...

17. Someone to Love You-Ruff Endz: Such a wonderful song and great throwback.  Whenever I hear this song I definitely think of myself.

18. Yo Side of the Bed-Trey Songz: I love this song, but the music video really sealed the deal for me with his wife deploying and being without her while she is gone.  I have seen this video dozens of times and it still makes me cry EVERY time that I watch it...  needless to say I try to never watch it around other people.  It is such such a powerful message.

19. Sweet Dreams-Beyonce': This has to be my favorite newer Beyonce' song.  It has such a powerful beat and presence that you can just feel whenever you hear it.

20. Goodness Gracias-Ellie Goulding: This song makes me laugh since I sake Goodness Gracias all the time.  I love that Ellie has this song, makes me love her even more.  I notice my son is now starting to say "goodness" haha.

21. Get Up-Ciara feat Chamillionaire: When I lived in California, I don't think you could go out dancing and NOT hear this song.  Needless to say it makes me want to dance whenever I see it and puts me in a happy move...  plus I actually did enjoy the first Step Up movie haha.

22. Just Like Me-Amerie: I will always feel like Amerie was an under-rated artist.  I love this song, and she has a lot of lyrics that I feel like I can relate to. 

23. Happy-Pharrell Williams: Liam and I spend extensive amounts of time dancing around the house to this song when we are having a wonderful day!  Whenever he wants to listen to it he tells me "Mom I want to listen to Despicable me" haha

24. She Wolf-Shakira: I know that I already have a Shakira song on here, but she was impacting me a lot this month and I jammed to this song many times this month!  It always make me feel empowered and happy and I probably look like a crazy woman if you see me in my car when this song is on!

25. Only Girl In The World-Rihanna: Again this is another artist I have already featured but it's from a different time in her career and I love this song!

26. Everything Zen-Bush: Because everyone needs some Gavin in their life and this is a great song

27. I Won't-Colbie Calliat: For the rebel in me ;)

28. Edge of Desire-John Mayer: Oh how I love Johnny boy and his lyrics, they are always welcome to my ears and always want to dance with someone close around the living room....  or somewhere more acceptable and cooler haha ;)

29. Beyond the Veil-Lindsey Sterling: I love Lindsey she is so talented and adorable and her videos are becoming higher budget!  Liam and I will just turn on her channel and listen for long stretches of time in a calming state.

30. Love Takes Over-David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland: Too very talented artists, and a great song.

This is 30

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