Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guilt Trip Review

Let me just say that I can't believe that I put this movie above other movies in my netflix queue.  I don't remember who told me to watch this movie and about how good it was, because they definitely lied to me :(
This is one of the most boring movies that I have seen in a long time.  Maybe I want to see Seth Rogan in a funny role and with Barbara Streisand I thought that there could really be some funny moments, but instead it was very snooze worthy.  I was mad for staying up just to watch this movie. 

It just sort of drug on and on and on.  With no real action or much going on.
I think I get angrier at movies that have potential and don't follow through as opposed to movies that I know are going to suck.  The story line really could have gone somewhere but the idea was tired and the delivery fell flat.
Seth Rogan plays a man trying to sell his homemade cleaning product to different stores with excessive failure.  He has an overbearing mother and wants to find love for her.  When he finds out that she had an old flame before his father that he was actually named after he looks up the guy and they go on a road trip.  His mother is very boring and always trying to cut corners to save money.  There are many openings for there to be funny moments, but they didn't even try to through any comedic moments in.
The road trip just drags on and on, with Seth lying to his mother about the success that he pretends to be having.  His mother really just annoys him the road trip drags on for the majority of the movie without much action or humor of any kind.  I think that the main humor attempt comes from an erotic audio book that has rare moments but still is not funny.  Not even when they accidentally end up in a  strip club and a dry attempt by a hotel employee implying that he is hooking up with his mother. 
This whole movie is your average over-bearing mother and momma's boy sun on a road trip and being trapped on the road with them...  I recommend saving the trouble and spending your time better watching something else.
There is a slight break with an awkward moment with his ex girlfriend from high school and her new husband...  and yes, still no humor.   I honestly don't know how this can be classified as a comedy-drama when it is lacking both comedy and drama.  I have to admit that this movie was so boring and awful that I could not bring myself to finish it.  This is saying a lot for me.  I can think of only about 10 movies that I couldn't bring myself to finish.  I give it 1 of 5 stars!

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