Monday, October 14, 2013

Madea's Big Happy Family Review

On my day off I was perusing my netflix queue and I found that Madea's Big Happy Family was about to expire so I decided to give it a try.  Having seen a few previous Tyler Perry movies I knew it could go one of two ways.

Overall I would say the movie was on the middle of average.  Not spectacular but not horrible either.  It had a lot of the feeling of a Tyler Perry version of Soul Food to me.  Bow Wow's acting was better than I expected, except when it came to him needing to cry.  He definitely needs to work on his fake crying.  Lauren London had the same attitude as "New New" in ATL but with less redeeming qualities.  The obvious most annoying award goes to Teyana Taylor who plays Bow Wow's ghetto baby momma.  Oh my goodness, I hope she doesn't talk like that in real life.  And I was truly hoping for somebody to slap her anytime she was around just o make her shut up.  During the whole movie I kept wondering how in the heck Bow Wow's character had ever been able to stand her enough to be with her in the past.

 Hottest man of the movie award goes to Isaiah Mustafa.  Man he sure knows how to get facial hair right!  Moving on.....

The movie had a general feeling that all women are insecure, bitchy, unsatisfied, naggy, superficial, and have little to no redeeming qualities, unless they are so naive' and lost in faith that they just allow people to walk all over them...  However at the same time.  The men of the movie didn't really seem to stand up for themselves or have any say in anything. Shannon Kane's character was on an especially whole new level of bitch.  I felt like she needed to have some sense knocked into her as well, especially with how she treated her own mother.

If you have ever seen a Tyler Perry movie before than you know that there is always some sort of lesson to be had.  This one definitely focused on treating people the way they deserve to be treated, especially those close to you.  I don't really feel like much was resolved but at least it looked like there was an opening to get some stuff taken care of. 

Overall it is in the middle of the Tyler Perry movies for me, not as good as Daddy's Girls or Diary of a Mad Black Woman, but fine if you are bored some day and want a movie that doesn't totally suck to watch.  However there are a lot better and less annoying and bitchy Tyler Perry movies out there to watch instead. 

Here is the movie trailer

Here is the official website: Madea's Big Happy Family Official Site

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