Friday, October 18, 2013

Rescue Dog Models: The Dog Walk

I came across this article today about rescue dogs modeling Ralph Lauren clothing.  Initially I thought how awesome of Ralph Lauren and then of course I thought of what an exploit that was of Ralph Lauren, but also a genius idea to get all those dog lovers to buy more stuff.  Ultimately though I feel like in the end this is great publicity for rescue dogs and the many pets that need homes.

I think it is awesome that the dogs actually got to take part in a fashion show and rock the runway :)  They got to model different Ralph Lauren accessories that may have otherwise been worn by people.  Don't worry the dogs also got to wear dog exclusive items in the advertisement.  Which was ingeniously set in black and white with color popping to make the accessories stand out.

I have to applaud Ralph Lauren for promoting the ASPCA and the adoption of rescue dogs!  He is a supposed dog lover and in the end after watching and reading more about this I feel like this was definitely a great thing for the dogs more than it was a wonderful ad campaign for Ralph Lauren.  Definitely a win-win situation.  Makes me want to go adopt a dog, and then buy it a cute Ralph Lauren scarf ;)  

The doggie rain coat cracks me up haha. 

The making of is even greater with the green screen!

Here is the original article: Rescue Dogs Model Ralph Lauren

Kiri, the dog that rescued me

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