Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rugrats Go Wild Movie Review

As Liam has decided that this is his favorite movie for the past week I decided to review it.  I was so pleased with myself when I got Liam into the Rugrats and then it seemed to fall by the wayside for awhile, until just the other day when Liam all of a sudden told me that he wanted to watch the Rugrats.  I was sad when I could no longer find it in my Netflix queue and decided to do a search for Rugrats.  It appears that Netflix no longer has rugrats the show to watch on instant watch as well as most of the movies.  Luckily they did have one movie left which is....  You guess it: Rugrats Go Wild.

Rugrats Go Wild is a movie that mixes the families from the shows of both Rugrats and the Wild Thornberries.  For whatever reason I never really got into the Wild Thornberries.  Perhaps it was because of the annoying father Nigel, or maybe that there were a lot of other little things that I just never really got into it the way that Rugrats rocked and the thornberries was released when I was older and so I never got hooked on it.  Needless to say do to my previous annoyance with the Thornberries I was a little hesitant to watch the movie with Liam.

However as any parent of a 2 almost 3 year old can tell you, their persistance in their choices of certain things seems like it's easier to let them pick the movie than to argue and make them watch something that you might enjoy better.  (Which is why I horde the tv with adult shows after bed time)

Luckily I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the Rugrats Go Wild movie as it was mainly focused on the rugrats and them getting shipwrecked on the same uninhabited island that the Thornberries end up being camped out on.  The two shows and the elements really seemed to flow together nicely and I thought it was very well done.  The fact that it has been on so many times before and after school and that I don't completely hate it by now can attest to the fact that it was actually a movie worth watching.

Also there is a surprise appearance by Bruce Willis as Spike is finally given a voice in the third and final Rugrats movie as Eliza Thornberry is able to communicate with animals.   I definitely recommend checking it out if you have kids or even if you were a Rugrats enthusiast in your youth.  The movie was originally released in 2003. 

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