Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Terminated: Revivalist Review

This is merely the latest novel that I have read by the immensely talented Rachel Caine.  This is the 3rd book in the Revivalist Series and comes behind the amazing Weather Warden Series that made me fall in love with her as well as the offshoot OutCast Series that followed along with the end of the Weather Warden Series and another Young Adult series that should not be discounted, the Morganville Series which will soon be turning into a high quality web tv series which I am extremely excited about!

Rachel Caine falls into my Top 5 Female Authors of All-Time List and for good reason.  She has been writing and publishing novels since 1990 and amazing was also a professional musician.  She is an international bestselling author of more than 30 novels and luckily for us returned to full-time writing in 2010 to bring us even more great stuff in each series! 

Back to the book.  Terminated is the 3rd book in the Revivalist Trilogy.  This trilogy takes an entirely different approach to zombies than anyone has really even touched upon previously.  It is about a woman named Bryn who served time in the military and in a war zone and then doesn't really know how to fit back into society.  She starts working a funeral home and ends up int he wrong place at the wrong time where she is killed.  She is then given a shot of the drug Returne' which puts little machines (nanites) into her body and keeps her alive.  However without recurring shots, she will start to decay and decompose until she turns into nothing and does really die.  Having this condition obviously puts her largely indebted to a huge pharmaceutical company and some 3 letter agencies that want to equally use her and destroy her.  Luckily Bryn is able to make some allies along the way and even find a man that she begins to feel interested in. 

I hate spoilers and if you have not read the Trilogy yet, I don't want to ruin it for you, just wet your appetite.  Therefore I will say that this third book definitely takes things to a whole other level in the troubles that Bryn is faced with and that there is a lot of running and espionage going on.  There is a lot of action and even some vivid horror.  Rachel Caine is tasteful in her approach to sexuality and does not overdue it in her books.  I will say that there is at least one brief sexual encounter per novel.  The least of which would be in this novel.  Seems that there is not enough time between the action and evasion and trying to save the world to really have any sex haha.

I have enjoyed zombie movies in the past but thus far I have not really gotten into reading anything on zombies, unless they happened to make a brief appearance in other series that I have read.  This trilogy is engaging and fresh and keeps you guessing.  You have a hard time thinking of Bryn as a zombie or undead. Bryn plays a great role as a strong, independent, empowering woman while still needing saving from time to time thanks to the ever adaptive and deadly friends that she makes that happen to save her butt when she can't save it herself.  The latest book sees Bryn really coming into her own and doing a lot more saving than being saved.  I definitely commend Rachel Caine on her imagination and would suggest this book to anyone who may shy away from a "zombie" novel.  Don't sleep on this one my friends, it is worth the read. 

A created commercial for the drug Returne'

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