Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Mark McGwire Theory

I must give all inspirational credit for tonight's blog for a new but already dear friend of mine that introduced me to this theory tonight.  He explained to me that the Mark McGwire theory was in essence that Mark McGwire refused to give up at beating Roger Maris' home run's in a single year record.  As anyone familiar with baseball can tell you McGwire was finally successful in beating Maris' record in 1998.  The main point of this story was that in working towards the single year home run record and in the pursuit of beating Hank Aaron's all-time record Mark McGwire was ranked 4th for most strike outs at bat.  McGwire knew that in order to achieve his goal that he was just going to have to keep trying and striking out until he could finally get that homer. 

This really made me think a lot about myself and situations in the past.  Although I have been through my fair share of horror dating stories (which one day will make it into a book if I have any say in it), I still find that renewed sense of hope.  Although I may get up to the plate and get that strike out again and again, I know that half the battle is just stepping up to the plate in the first place.  I could sit in the dugout scared and alone for the rest of my life.  I could watch the game of life going on and get played right on by without me, but would I ever be fulfilled?

I know without a doubt that my life would not be over nor would it be a bad life if I were to sit in that dugout for the rest of the game.  However I also know that if I were to step up to that plate that something AMAZING could happen.  The stars could align and I could be in the right place at the right time with the right person and it could be by home-run in the dating game of life. 

I know that the perfect ball is just waiting to be pitched to me, and for me to hit it just write with my bat, and the crack will sound in the air....  the thunder to the lightning that could strike (Meet Joe Black reference for those not as in love with the movie a I am).  I know that someone on this Earth there is somebody out there that I am meant to love like no other in this lifetime.  Sometimes we just have to step up and risk the strikeout for the hopes that someday we will be standing at the plate getting that home run that we have been playing for our whole lives.   I truly believe this to be true.  I think we all have that home-run in our lives, we just can't lose site of it, and get bogged down by all the strike outs.  Dust your butt off if you are sulking in the dugout, swallow your pride and get back on that field, ready at the plate for the pitch to be thrown.  You may be pleasantly surprised by what life throws at you when you are truly ready and confident in yourself.   You attract what you put out.  Let's all put out something positive right now. 

That's all I have for now, have a great night my wonderful readers!

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