Friday, October 25, 2013

Zumba Progress Month 1

This is my one month of progress since starting regular workouts with Zumba at home.  I started by taking photos after 1 week of working out on a regular basis.  I am not engaging in any kind of diet behavior.  I want to prove that you can look great just by working out and not engorging yourself with food.  As you can see from my blog I cook all kinds of food and do not cut anything else.  I love food and I feel like life is too short to be enjoyed without eating what you love as long as it is not a health concern.  I may have to work a little harder at working out, but in the end I am happier eating what I like.  
As far as workouts are concerned.  I do Zumba 3-5 times a week.  25-45 minute workouts.  I also like to throw in some weights with 10 pounds.  I do different arm exercises as well as lunges and squats.  I try to do sets of 10-15.  I also do a variety of isometric exercises with the abdominal area as the focus.  I will have to go into more detail at another time if anyone is interested.
My main point of this current blog is to go through my progress from week to week.  I take my progress photos on Friday evenings and so they can be great factors to affect the way I look based on what I ate or drank during that day.  During this time no alcohol has been consumed and I have also taken rest days 1-3 times a week.  

This was my very first progress photo, where I actually could see a difference right away and gave me the motivation to keep doing Zumba!
here is a side view where you can really see my problem areas in my thighs and my stomach
This is my week 2 progress photo, I could see a huge difference in my legs this week
Week 2
Week 2 showed immense change in my thighs and a slight slimming of the waist
week 2
Week 3 Progress Photos, I could see the biggest difference in my arms this week
Week 3
Week 3
Side view of week 3 showed that my thighs were getting less jiggly and my stomach was slightly slimmer
Week 3 still need a lot of work on the stomach
week 3
1 Month progress, my legs look drastically smaller here and I can see some difference in my stomach
at 1 month there is definite definition in my thighs
The thighs look immensely better from a back view
Stomach is still needing work at this point
1 Month