Monday, April 14, 2014

Zumba: Fitness Rush for XBox Kinect

I have actually had this workout "game" since Christmas and I was so in love with World Party that this one has been collecting dust.  Tonight my World Party was acting up on me and so I decided to get some use of out Rush.  Let me start by saying that if I thought World Party was a step up in the
workout game, it is nothing compared to it's predecessor Rush when it comes to an intense cardio workout. 

After being used to Zumba Core & World Party which both came after this one (which was released in 2012), the graphics are definitely not as advanced and the kinect tracker isn't as finely tuned, but the workout I did had the tempo upped so much I was feeling it the whole time.  I have been wanting to get my money's worth of cardio in between working out my Jillian Michaels and I wanted a more intense cardio workout, I was tailoring world party but it's not as easy to get a good cardio workout with the shorter song lengths on world tour (in my opinion) so now I seem to have found my solution.

After being used to the music diversity of World Tour, I can definitely say that there is a much stronger Brazilian/Spanish flair to the music on Rush.  It was aptly named though as you do definitely get a "rush" from the workout.  I highly recommend Zumba Rush for anyone looking to get an intense cardio within a limited amount of time.  It does unfortunately feature the Brazilian woman back that I swear counts in 6 count instead of 8 count, but some of her moves/techniques are similar to Core so I had an easier time picking up her workout.  I also noticed some great Hip Hop Ab moves thrown in on one of the songs.   Luckily the re-packaged versions of ZUmba Rush do include the Bollywood and Hip Hop pack add-ons built in to the game to give you more choices and more dance styles.   

Zumba Rush does allow for tracking of up to two people at a time if you want to have a workout partner.  As with previously reviewed ZUmba workouts, this one does allow you to create a custom workout.  It features the standard three-tiered workout choices with a Short/Easy Medium and Long/Hard options for your choices.  Typically a short workout runs 20-25 minutes with a Medium workout in the 30-40 minute range and the long workouts are 40+ minutes.  Zumba Rush does also have the move queue indicator to let you know what is coming next, it doesn't come on as often as it does on Core, but seems to give you better lead time than World Tour.  You do still get the track your workout features, with achievements and calorie tracking if you want to utilize them.  as with any other ZUmba games you can always take the time to learn the steps if you aren't stubborn like I am and just want to learn as you go haha. 

Overall I give this workout game 4.5 Stars.  The overall workout receives 5 stars, but the older graphics slightly slower tracking takes away half a star.  Once you get into it you don't notice.  If you like workout out at home and/or without shoes like I do than this is a wonderful option.  I have been having such a hard time finding good intense cardio workouts at home without any equipment (treadmill, eliptical, etc) and now I am so pleased to have this wonderful option that had been hiding out the whole time.
*Note I did read that this is also available on the Wii but that it did not have a lot of the same great features and did not work as well as it was designed specially for Kinect

For the official website of this and all other Majesco Zumba games go to:

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  1. Is this X box or 360..or X box one..
    Zuma looks fun..but you won't catch me in a but I would try it at home off the game..

    1. I totally understand and you should definitely try it out! And this is for 360

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