Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mommy's Best Friend: The Mind of a Toddler

This month was all about best friends and inanimate object friends.  I love to track some of the crazy things that Liam (my 3 year old toddler boy) does and says for the hilarity of revisiting it in the future.  What kind of crazy things do you kids do and say?  Comment below.  Enjoy!

Liam found a pink hair tie which he has appropriately named Pink.
Pink was taking a nap and now Liam is showing Pink around the house. During Pink's nap time, everyone had to be quiet including the dog. Pink is afraid of loud noises and the dog apparently... Liam is also quite distraught when he hides Pink and can't remember where she is and starts frantically looking and shouting "Pink, where are you?"
Why do we buy kids toys again?

Liam was playing with his interactive monkey toy and he would try to sit her up and she would fall, he would pick her up hug her, kiss her head and say "I'm sorry." 
Then the process would start all over again haha, what a sweet boy I have.

Out of nowhere Liam just started giving me double thumbs up...
Now he is saying "Thumbs up means it's time to eat..."
Grandpa Bubba would be proud... and probably instigated this...

I am no longer allowed to tell Liam good job for anything without a double thumbs up...  
If I forget I get a long lecture about how I am doing it wrong haha. 

Liam told me that Aubrey isn't his best friend anymore (they have been friends for a year and a half at daycare).  
I asked him why not he told me: "You are my best friend mom"
*Gushing with love*

Liam just said "I want the daddy'
I hesitantly asked "You want the daddy?"
He said "Yeah you are the daddy"
Unsure where this was going I just said "Yes that is true"
He just grinned and went on his way.
And that was the end of that conversation for now....

It has begun, my son is already trying to mooch his way to a taste of my alcohol.
I have a glass of wine out while I am working on homework and he was out of bed and came over and hugged me and told me he loved me and then he was sniffing my wine glass.
I asked him "Are you just trying to use me to taste my wine?"
He answered "No mom, I don't want to whine, I am not crying."
Gotta love the English language haha.

 Liam keeps telling me that grandma is coming and he's not sleeping because of it.... considering that this is about 25 days away I keep coming up with ways to try to equate to him just how long that is. Today I told him how many Show and tell days away that was since he counts down to show and tell every week.
His response was angerly "No show and tell I want grandma"
If the standing at the door whining for grandma doesn't stop soon I can't take 25 days of this, I may have to tell him she changed her mind haha. How can you equate that it's not soon to a toddler so that they will understand?

I told Liam he had to take a bath and start winding down for bedtime, his response was:
"I don't want it to be goodnight mom, wait until tomorrow."
If only sometimes we could push off sleep....

Liam and I just put together a new ABC puzzle and we were going through the letters and picture, we got to Y for Yarn and Liam says "Kitty Toy"
I said "well it can be, but it's also called Yarn"
Liam said "No mom, it's kitty toy."
I have no idea where he learned that since our cat has never played with yarn before haha, but technically he's not wrong...

Liam had my phone and all of a sudden I heard ringing.
I asked "Liam, who are you calling"
He said "I'm calling grandma."
He has set the phone on speaker to talk to her and then when she answered and I tried to talk to her he pushed me away saying
"No mom, I'm talking to grandma. You don't Talk." this came with a glare.
*I have lost control of my phone....
On another note I love how when Liam says bye on the phone, he also waves 

I won a flashlight with a book that I got in the mail and Liam is now using it to showcase his "spiderman" and "batman" fighting styles.... pantless....

You know you have perfected multi-tasking, when you can sing "If You're Happy And You Know It" while doing the actions, typing and looking up father's day recipes for a blog....
*Obviously Liam is not asleep yet haha

Liam just grabbed a bunch of grapes and shoved them into his mouth. Now he is rubbing his tummy singing "It's yummy yummy in my tummy.... my tummy..... it's yummy."

I think Liam may have watched Lion King too many times lately..
Twice now, I have caught him playing with his toys and saying "Somebody... anybody.... help."

Liam measured himself haha. He is 39in tall now. 9 more inches and he can ride on bigger rides

Liam is very excited about going to his first baseball game, I had him put pants back on and he asked
"Are we getting ready mom?"
I said "yes Liam"
He squealed "oh my goodness! Get my shoes mom"

Liam had my Kindle and read me all of the letters for the DDay book advertisement then we talked about what each word meant. Except that apparently triumph doesn't mean win it means H for hunter haha.

 Liam told me to "put the kitty away mom"

Liam keeps telling me that I am his best friend Life as a mommy is awesome

Liam put a long feathery cat toy in his pants and is walking around with a front "tail"  if he was older I would totally think that he was trying to be perverted haha

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