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The Mind of A Toddler: Exciting "Why" Stage

I do my best to write down some of the silly and memorable things that my toddler does throughout the month so that I can share it with you all.  My son Liam, is quite the character.  I would love to hear stories of some of the crazy things that your kids do or say.  Please share your own stories here.

Liam just brought me one of his toys that was cracked and said
"Look mom, it's broken"
I said "That's why we don't throw our toys"
He said "Why" (yes the why stage is in full force)
I said "Because then they get broken"
He said "Noooooo" and proceeded to throw the toy into his play room.... Some things people need to learn for themselves haha

Does anyone else's child fall out of bed head first with arms on the ground yelling for mommy or is it just mine.... every night..... as another way to stall sleeping......  

Watergun fight is about to commence. I'm a little worried about how serious Liam is about this, but my gun shoots water farther muah haha.

Liam likes to sleep with whatever book we read for bed that night. I thought I heard him calling for me and went up to his door and listened and he is in there reading to himself and making sound effects, haha how cute

After eating dinner Liam lifts up his shirt and rubs his belly and in a very concerned voice and says "My tummy"
So I asked him "Does it hurt"
He says "No. It has food in it"
Haha my silly boy

I was exciting and saying "I rock at life" and Liam said, "Why do you you rock mom" I told him it was because I am awesome haha.

 Liam has been grabbing all the different fruit and veggies from my bountiful basket and asking me what they are, and then his response is "Ooooh Okay." Until he gets to the ear of corn.
Holding it up he says "What is that mom?"
I say "That's corn"
He says "why mom?"
I say "because it's corn"
He says "why mom?"
I don't really know what else to say at this point haha

Liam made a huge mess playing "party hat bowling" and there were napkins and paper plates all over and then he picked all of it up all by himself without me asking him to. So we hugged, spun around said "yay" and then I asked if he wanted some ice cream and he said "No I want a drink of water" proceeded to get a water bottle, take a drink and walk away.... How do I always want ice cream more than he does?  

I was just drifting off to sleep when Liam woke me up (never fails if I go to bed late). So I take him back to his room and ask him what's wrong. He says "I'm tired". So I let him know that going back to sleep will help out with that. All is good I go climb back into bed, about to fall asleep when Liam is back.
This time he tells me "I need to see the green". Naturally I have no freaking idea what the heck he means. After tirelessly guessing he takes me to the kitchen and gets the thermometer. I feel his head again and tell him that he's not warm.
He says "no mom, foot". So I humor him and use it on both feet and show him that it's green and not yellow or red for a fever. He appears satisfied with this answer and lays down on the kitchen rug. He then wants another blanket and for me to lay down on the floor in his room. After that he wants to hold my hand and have me sing him ABCs. Then he is fine and goes back to sleep.... I have no clue what he was dreaming about haha, time for me to get back to sleep mode.

I just put some sunglasses on Liam and said "Ooh you look so handsome"
So he put glasses on me and said "Ooh mom, you look so handsome"
Haha I'll take it since I know he doesn't understand gender based adjectives.

Liam got out of the bath went into my bedroom and started pedi egging his foot..... naked.... then he went out into the living room and was trying to use it as a bat to hit a ball across the room.... I think he needed to reassert his manhood on the pedi egg Did I mention that he is still naked? haha

A few weeks ago Liam had a cut on his head and I put some Arnica (healing ointment) on it. This became a bedtime ritual for about a week, so the jar has been in his room, and I forgot it was even in there until I heard him attempting to open his door just a minute ago. He had a pack of wipes in his hand and a big gob of Arnica smeared across his forehead..... At least he was trying to get help cleaning it up haha.... Never a dull moment  

Tonight I told Liam that we could go get a "yummy" (cakepop at starbucks) if he laid down and went to sleep. He immediately jumped into bed flattened out on his stomach and closed his eyes with a big grin on his face. It was so adorable. Too bad it was only effective for about 60 seconds before he was right back out of bed..... Can't say I didn't try haha.

 I accidentally hit Liam on the head with the remote and he said "ow you got me!" then he jumped up onto my lap and gave me a hug and kiss. He got back down handed me the remote and said "do it again mom, get me, get me!" After about the third light hit with him laughing so hard he could barely say a fake "Ow" I started to feel bad haha. Never a dull moment

 Liam was trying to convince me to let him have mini corndogs for dinner instead of leftovers. He got his play phone and said
"Hello fireman I want to eat corndogs. Thank you fireman. Bye fireman I love you."
So I handed him the box of corndogs he grabbed it hugged it gave it a bunch of kisses and said "thank you thank you mom"
Needless to say corndogs are too important tonight for me to say no to..... 

Tonight for bed Liam wanted me to blow a raspberry on his neck so I did it.
He says to me "Yucky Mom, Stop It. Time for timeout."
You just can't win haha

My son made himself and eyemask out of string haha

 Liam & I sing a couple of songs before bedtime on a normal basis and he loves the song "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" A few months ago I had a request to change it to 'Little Moon & Star" So we have sang it our way for awhile now. Tonight I was told told: "No Mom, not little, Say BIG moon ok" So now it has become Twinkle Twinkle, Big Moon & Star haha.

Liam has been watching Garfield the last couple nights during dinner, which to me is a happy relief from Pingu and Fireman Sam that we have watched waaay too many times. When we get ready for bed, Liam likes to go through all of the letters on his shower curtain and we say things for each letter, sometimes names like, A for Apple, L for Liam, so tonight he said R for Arbuckle hahaha. Must be time to stop watching Garfield.

Liam says to me "Mom, Liam's crying"
I ask "You are crying?"
Liam says "No mom watch".
He makes a sad face and says "wah. Wah wah.... I got you mom"
Then he giggles with delight.....
For some reason I'm having flashbacks to my childhood.....

Liam is watching kid's recipes on YouTube right now haha. He is definitely my child.

Here are some photos from the past month :)



Here are a couple of videos to show Liam live in action ;)

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