Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Mind of A Toddler: Character Antics

This past month has definitely been one of my son being best described as a "character."  He is always cracking me up with his crazy toddler antics.  Throughout the month I try to keep track of some of the silly happenings so that I can share it all at once.  Enjoy and feel free to share any of your hilarious toddler sayings or happenings. 

I had both my hands full carrying stuff and I coughed into my arm.
Liam lectured me saying "cover your mouth mom, cover your mom, ok?"
I just said "ok, thank you Liam"
Haha at least I know he is listening when I say it to him haha

 A fly just landed on Liam and he slapped himself to get it off and said "Ow!"
Then he yelled "Fly! No Ma'am!"
My life is awesome

 Liam says "mom, I want a sandwich with green."
I said "Ok, is that what you want for dinner?"
He pushes my leg and says "Go mom. Go in the kitchen now"
I feel like I live with a grown man some days....

He then got tickle attacked and had to re-ask nicely

Liam went through all of my Zumba games and told me which one I should do and then put it in the X-Box and said "There you go mom, Liam is a big help." He came and gave me a big hug and I thanked him and he pushed me away and said "Ok mom, time to watch fire truck on the computer." haha I think this was all a ploy.... He knows I work out when he watches fire trucks haha. 

Liam pulled a new one on me at bedtime. He told me that he needed the toilet because he was going to be sick. Knowing that he was full of it I said "No you don't"
He said pathetically "Yes mom, I'm going to be sick"
So I humored him and let him go into the bathroom where he fake coughed and spit into the toilet then giggled and ran back to bed.
Where do they come up with this stuff?

Uh oh... Liam is taking after mommy. I just found him sitting in his room by his nightlight reading a book... I can't even count the amount of time I spent by my nightlight playing card games up all night... So it begins...
With all of the thunder storms we had this month, Liam suddenly became "afraid" of thunder, which meant that he would come and lay on the couch with me with a huge grin on his face as he told me the noise was scary.

Whenever I catch Liam doing something hilarious or adorable I take a picture.  Later Liam tried to recreate whatever happened (reading, playing, etc) and then he tells me "get the camera and take a picture mom."

Liam just brought me a cheese slice and told me to slap him in the face with it... So of course I did it.
He giggled and said "ah cold" then grabbed the cheese and ran into the bathroom, and is currently slapping himself in the face with cheese while his giggles ring through the house...
Gotta love rainy days
*By the way he ran into the bathroom so that he could see himself slap his own face with the cheese in the mirror... in case that wasn't clear haha
 More Liam antics from today:
Liam sang Happy Birthday to his pizza.
He told his toys to "quit messin' around."
He hit the cat and then apologized to her
 After lunch I told Liam it was time for nap.
He yelled "no mom, I don't want to nap" and ran out of the room.
About 10 seconds later he came back and hugged me and said "Sorry mom, I love you. Time for nap". Then he proceeded to walk back to his room and lay on his bed. Haha. The joys of motherhood.
Toddler boys are silly. For the past 10 minutes or so, Liam wanted nothing more than for me to throw a couch pillow at his face. He would then giggle with glee and say "do it again mom". Boys are weird haha
Naked hockey is a nightly occurrence.  Let me clarify...  Liam dries off after bath gets the hockey sticks and a ball and we play for 15 minutes or so before winding down for bed...  He will only put his jammies on after this...  And he is the only one that is naked....
Liam was throwing a toy up to the fan while I was checking into my group discussion and I caught him and said "Liam" in a stern voice.
He came over to me with a smirk on his face turned my head to the computer screen and said "Do your homework mom"
Needless to say he didn't do it again....
A short time later he got out plastic bead necklaces and was throwing them from the couch saying "Superman"
Life with a toddler is never dull.....
Liam is out of bed hugging me saying "Do your homework mom, I just want to hug you...."
How can you say no to that?
Liam got a fatlip on the playground at school.  As soon as we got home he dropped everything and immediately put a band aid on his lip and was checking it out and wanted me to take a picture haha. 
I have a strange child.... He keeps doing downward dog on the floor with his little brown naked butt in the air yelling Excitedly "get me get me". Wanting me to slap his butt..... (which he calls his body by the way haha).
My child now frequently says "Oh my goodness" (very extravagantly and drawn out, usually with a sense of awe or excitement).
"Good Lord Kiri, be quiet". (To the dog when she is freaking out about someone/something walking by).
"Want to share with me?" (Anytime I have something, usually food, that he wants.
"Goodness gracious" (in exasperation)
I guess it's a good thing that I have learned to sensor the majority of swearing around him, since he steals my phrases
I love when Liam tells me "Mom, my foot is tired..."
This means his foot has gone to sleep haha. I am going to start using this from now on.
After handing Liam the variety bag of snacks that I just put together for him this was his reaction:
"Oh my goodness. Oh Wow. Good job mom. Woah. High Five Mom. Look at my snack. Thank you thank you mom. I love you mom". Now he is dancing around and humming with his ziplock baggie full of snacks.
Mom snack level has officially reached epic proportions

Downside to previously mentioned amazing snacks: Getting woken up at 4am on a Saturday to a little person saying "Wake Up Mom, I need more snacks". Needless to say I gave up after 2 more hours of 15 to 20 minute snatches of sleep in between a new snack necessity request each time....
Earlier today Liam was asking me when we were going to go to the store or something to that effect and I said "10 Til"
I have NO idea what he thinks "10 Til" means, because now he keeps using it any chance he can get. He told me he has to go to bed because "10 Til" and then he told me when he wakes up in the morning he can "10 Til"
Earlier he even said "Mom, No, 10 Til"
Although all of these statements could theoretically be correct at some point, they just didn't seem to show his grasp on the meaning haha.
Now he keeps telling me "Mom I need 10 Til" I keep telling him that that is a time and he says yes and when I ask if he knows that is a time he seems to, so I have no idea
*I finally figured out that he thought I said show and tell for school but that took me over a week to figure out

Liam just walked into his playroom and said
"Oh my goodness gracious. This is a mess, time to clean it up Liam"
Then he started to clean... for a full 3 minutes before he got side tracked and started playing haha. Hey it's a start :)

I was just drifting off to sleep at nap time when I was awakened by Liam crying in his bathroom. So I jump up and go see what is going on. He is sitting on the toilet crying.... He forgot to put the seat up and pee is spraying everywhere..... I had to scrub down the shower curtain, mop the floor and wash all of the bathroom rugs.... needless to say that was the end of nap time....  Gotta love going potty when you are still half asleep

Liam has added "checking the green on my foot" to his bedtime ritual. This consists of taking the thermometer and running it over both feet until it beeps and shows green (meaning there is no fever). I have such a silly boy.
Liam just came up to me with a lighter and said
"Mom, I need fire."
Yep I have a boy haha
Here are some silly picture throughout the month:

Here are some videos to see my silly toddler in action

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