Saturday, March 1, 2014

Smoked Gouda Stuffed Burgers

Today was an amazingly warm Texas winter day reaching up into the high 80s in temperature.  The warm weather had us longing for summer cookouts and gave Liam and I the craving for burgers...  However anyone who knows me knows that I can't just make regular burgers, I have to stuff them with cheese.  Today's cheese of choice was a delicious smoked gouda!  It melted very nicely and the flavor complimented well with the burger.  I tried a little different method with adding in the egg to help stick the burger to the cheese but abstaining from using the bread crumbs.  There was one burger that had too much egg and started to fall apart while cooking, but the rest stuck together very well and tasted quite succulent. 

1 lb hamburger
Seasoning (Barbecue, Hickory Smoked Balsamic)
1 Egg
Block cheese to be cut into cubes (amount depends on how many burgers you make out of your hamburger)
Hamburger buns if desired
Condiments as desired

Put the hamburger into a bowl and season generously, add an egg.  Mix it all together with your hands.  Form into burger circles, add more seasoning on top if you prefer more flavor.  Cut the cheese into cubes for the middle of the burger.  Press the cheese down into the middle of the formed burgers and reform the burger to envelop the cheese.  Cook in a pan on med-high heat.  Press down with a spatula to flatten some for the hamburger bun.  cook until desired level of completion (you may have to cook in several batches depending on how many burgers you created).  Serve and enjoy!

Add burger, seasoning and egg into a mixing bowl
Mix it all together with your hands
Form into burger shapes
Sprinkle seasoning on top
Press blocks of cheese into the middle
Place in pan to cook!
Serve & Enjoy!

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