Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alphabet Train Kid's Activity!

Today was a great day to try out one of the DIY activities that we have been looking at.  I have been wanting to try the one that is called the Alphabet Train!  I though that it would be a lot of fun and also a great learning experience for my son Liam.  It is really easy to do and requires minimal supplies.  You generally just use things around the house and the possibilities are endless.  You could come up with all kinds of different combinations if you played it 100 different times.  This took up about an hour to an hour and a half of our time go through the letters and looking around the house (mostly Liam's playroom and bed room) for stuff that we could use. 

 26 Sheets of Construction Paper (any paper will do)

Items from around the house that start with all of the letters in the alphabet!  

Draw Letters onto the paper and lay out the paper in a "train"!  Now go around and find the items that match up with the letters.  (We also added Letter flashcards so that it gave my son the opportunity to match up the letters from the flash cards with the letters on the paper and give him an idea of where to go from).  I would try to think of things around the house and send him in search of them!  This was so easy and so much fun!  I definitely recommend it to anyone with a child that likes to do things associated with the alphabet and it provides for a wide age range.

Set out the letters into a train, which can be quite fun

 Add the flashcards

Now go around the house to find stuff to place on each paper 

 Now you have the train all set up and you can go back through the letters for fun & learning

 Here are the items we used for each letter in case you are needing a place to start! 
A is for Apple, Asparagus, Airplane
B is for Butterfly, Bubbles, Binoculars, Book
C is for Crab, Car, Carrots, Camera
D is for Duck, Dog, Dolphin
E is for Elephant, Eeyore, Eyes
F is for Firetruck, Farmer, Fork, Flashlight
G is for Glove, Ghost, Glasses, Giraffe, Gas Station
H is for Hat, Helicopter, Hippo, Heart, Hammer
I is for Ice Cream
J is for Jack-in-the-box, Jam, Jack-o-lantern
K is for Kite, Key, Knife, Kale
L is for Lamb, Lion, Leaf, Lotion

M is for Mouse, Milk, Mouth, Moon, Monkey

N is for Nest, Nose, Nut
O is for Owl, Octopus, Orange

P is for Penguin, Phone, Pumpkin, Panda, Pear, Pepper
Q is for Quilt, Queen
R is for Rainbow, Rooster, Rabbit, Radio

S is for Star, Snake, Shark, Seahorse, Sun
T is for Train, Tiger, Tea, Tambourine

U is for Umbrella, Unicorn
V is for Violin, Van, Vacuum, Vitamin
W is for Whale, Whistle, Wasp, Worm, Watermelon

X us fir Xylophone
Y is for Yo-yo, Yogurt

Z is for Zebra

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