Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lost: A Poem

Today was an exceptionally bad day....  Let's just say that it led to a rough poem of expressing some of my thoughts.  Just thought that I would share with you.  I know the flow is a bit rough, I haven't had much time to read through it, just sharing it in it's initial hurried pen to paper to get things out format.  Enjoy.

Brittany L. McCann

I feel so lost
Surrounded by chaos
As if adrift on the seas
Wave after wave of unplanned emergencies
Why can I not see the light
Is there no end in sight
No matter how hard I try
End up broken down and cry
Alone here I sit
Some days wanting to quit
Mental breakdown seems nigh
To a deserted place, I yearn to fly
Wanting to follow my dreams
Instead I stifle frustrated screams
Worse it can always be
Yet I still fight desperately
Can I never get ahead
Just want to hide in my bed
Is there no break to be caught
Has it all been for naught
I take it one step at a time
Awaiting my turn for sublime
Still here it is day after day
Sunny skies still turn grey
Most days are not sad
Yet some end up so bad
The battles I fight
Leave me alone in the night
Just when I can’t fight any longer
Somehow I come out stronger
One step at a time
Now entering my prime
Yet what is the cost
When I come to you lost

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