Saturday, March 29, 2014

Toddler Bowling

Today Liam (my 3 year old son) had a birthday party to go to that was at the bowling alley.  It also happened to be dinosaur themed (because what little boy doesn't love dinosaurs?)  Liam had never previously been bowling so this was his first time.  I do have have a bowling game on my phone that he loves to play so the concept was not entirely foreign to him.  As a mom I know that sometimes I suck at knowing when my son is old enough to participate in certain activities (such as bowling).
Liam was very excited to get out there and start bowling.  His favorite parts were rolling the ball and the fan at the ball retrieval.  After awhile I had to convince him to keep bowling instead of standing over the fan to let it blow on him while he stood there in delight.  After only one time he has learned that there are certain bowling balls that are too heavy and that you should only roll the ball in your own lane.  He was very good at taking turns with another child and waiting for his turn.  This is huge knowing how bad he has been at having patience with anything in the past.  He was quite sad that all of the bowling balls that were cool colors were too heavy for him.  He was very happy to wear the shows and even enjoyed checking out the arcade games by the entrance.  Over all I think that he did very excellent for his first time.  I can't wait to work on throwing the ball harder and aiming in the future.  But this was a very fun activity that he was definitely in to.  I can't wait to take him again soon.   I wanted to share some of the fun dino party pics as well as a bonus video at the end of Liam reading "El Materdor" this evening.  Unfortunately I missed the previous stories that he knew a lot better than this one but it's still fun to watch :)

Bowling :)

Dinosaur Party  

 Arcade Games

 Reading "El Materdor"

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