Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jello Ocean Bath: DIY Kid's Activity

 Messy activities in the bath are such a fantastic idea.  You get to be all messy and yet you don't have a huge mess to clean up!  Also if the mess is too much, just rinse it out and then wash your child up as they are already in the bathtub playing!  Liam loves the bathtub anyway, so I knew he would love this activity!  I have found it to be quite the ordeal to find blue raspberry jello, so I had to search for awhile to get enough boxes to do this activity; I ended up adding in a lime jello for good measure.  Liam had such a blast and played for over an hour in it.  He was a little sad when the jello fully dissolved into the water.  The only drawback I found was that his feet, hands and knees were semi-dyed blue for most of the day but after his bath at bedtime it's almost completely gone.

4-5 Boxes Blue Raspberry Jello
Small bag of Smooth Round Stones (Such as used for candle accents)
Variety of sea life toys

Mix the jello together.  Let the jello set up.  Put it into the bottom of the tub and add some warm water to make the bath warm enough to play in.  Add the stones and toys and let them get in and have a ball.  This makes for a great sensory and learning experience!

Pour the jello into a large mixing bowl
Add the hot water (according to amount on the box) and stir

Let the jello set in the fridge
Put the jello in the bathtub and add some warm water, rocks and ocean themes toys

My son playing in the "ocean"
He thought it was so fun and squishy
Trying to save all of the jello from dissolving
Jello collecting

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