Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cardboard Owls: Children's DIY Activity

I have been collecting cardboard rolls for awhile now and with the collection I have been getting, I needed to either use them up or start to get rid of them.  When I cam across this cardboard owls activity, I know that it would be a great way to utilize some of them.  This ended up being a fun and easy activity that Liam thoroughly enjoyed and was fun for me as well.  There was adult supervision required and I did most of the cutting so that we could get wing shapes, but Liam (my 3 year old son) was great and sorting, gluing and attaching things.  I would definitely do this or any similar activity again and now we have cute little owls sitting around the house. 

Cardboard tubes (1 for each owl if toilet paper, 2 owls per paper towel)
Scrap Paper
Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes
Colored Poms
Glue Stick (Tacky Glue works even better)
Glitter Glue (for optional hair that my son insisted upon haha)

Fold the top of the toilet paper rolls down toward the middle to form the owls ears.
Cut up various scraps of textured and colored paper and  pipe cleaners to use.  Apply glue to the various textured papers and pipe cleaners.  Attach wings, textures, nose pom, googly eyes, and any other decorations you want to use. Beads and buttons would be fun too.

Get your supplies out!
Fold the cardboard tops to make ears

Sort your art supplies for ease of use
Pretend to cut your hand (jk you can skip this step haha)
Attach the googly eyes and a pom nose
After attaching wings and legs on the first owl search for a nose for the second one
Glue on the nose
Check out the owls with awesome glitter hair
Put the eyes on the 3rd owl
Extra concentration helps eyes stick on better
End with glitter glue hair
Revel in their owlity cuteness

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