Monday, September 22, 2014

Two Jammies are Better Than One and Bedtime Shenanigans: The Mind of a Toddler

The month of August was definitely an exciting time for Liam and I. As always toddler logic and sayings make life better. Here are some that I was able to record for the month and wanted to share. Please feel free to share any of your own stories about your children so we can all laugh together! As always, thank you for sharing in our life.

Liam and I #reorganized his drawers, he wanted to wear a bunch of clothes we went through. He is currently wearing 3 pairs of pajamas, 2 pairs of socks with his footie jammies and a zip-up hoodie haha

Liam's latest tactic to try to get out of things is to go lay down in his bed and tell me he is taking a nap or he doesn't feel good.
This is most often happening when he is asked to pick up a big mess he made.
Telling him that it must be nap time and then closing the door and saying goodnight usually gets him up and back to cleaning.

Liam's latest bedtime stalling technique includes stuffed animals...
I have been needing to hug and kiss each one, sometimes they want songs, sometimes I need to tell them each good night and sweet dreams...
Liam keeps sneaking new ones into his bed each time I come in.
Suffice it to say that the last encounter included 11 stuffed animals....
This boy is a genius at stalling techniques...

Liam got his first stripe in Taekwondo, I couldn't be prouder.

Every night I have to say goodnight to "somebody else." A lot of nights it's Josselyn (a girl in Liam's class), some nights it is puppy or kitty or bear. Tonight it is digger haha.

Liam is setting up for a ‪birthday party‬ while I finish up my ‪final paper‬. These leftover ‪‎birthday supplies‬ have gotten a lot more use than the ones used in his actual birthday party did haha

Liam's new thing at bedtime is that I am not allowed to talk to him above a whisper without getting lectured.
As soon as he is laid down in bed (the first time), if I use a normal voice I get told
"Shh mom, be quiet, people are trying to sleep."
According to Liam we should only communicate in whispers after this time...

Liam just got me good.
He came up to me out of the blue and asked "Mom, are you happy?"
I said "Yes of course I am happy, are you happy?"
He said "No, I need a cookie."
Where does my kid come up with this stuff?

Liam rubbed some lotion on me and said "Smell mom, you smell like Winnie the Pooh"
Luckily all that really means is that it was from a bottle of lotion that had Winnie the Pooh on it.... otherwise I'm not really sure what that would smell like... Honey I hope..

What started out as Liam's ‪‎dump truck‬ ‪‎taking a nap‬ and somehow ‪‎morphed‬ into an ‪enormous‬ ‪‎blanket nest‬

My son is currently engaging in pant-less karaoke... Somehow this seems like the best way to do it haha.

Liam is a celebrity, being featured in a local magazine for 2 photos! So awesome.

Well ‪Team Chip sucked us into ‪joining Taekwondo‬. Liam said "I like it mom, I don't want to be shy", he was so shy during the whole thing, so I gave in and let him try it out for a month. He is loving his ‪‎uniform‬

I have a bunch of old pictures that I like to go through on my side table in the living room. Liam just found a picture of auntie Shayna from when she was 4 years old. He asked if he could put it in his room, and now he wants to show auntie thepicture in his room next time she comes over.

Liam and I are watching The Little Mermaid, he never let's me watch more than 10 or 20 minutes of it, so this is the first time that he has ever seen Ursula.
He said "Mom, I don't like the giant."
I said, "Liam, she is an octopus"
He said "no mom, she's is a giant... fee fi fo fum...."
Haha I can't lie that it does kind of fit haha

Liam is currently apprehending a suspect with a power drill. Something tells me they won't get away....

Liam and I put Liam's tent back up in his playroom today. He is so excited to have his "castle" back!

Liam was picking out his clothes this morning and found some Cars jammies‬ in a drawer that have been stored for when he is a bit bigger. He was gone for awhile and as I was about to go check on him he came running into the bathroom with them over his other ‪‎pajamas. ‬He was quite pleased with himself haha

Liam's teacher at school is moving to a new job and he has been quite distraught about it. So I told him we could make her a going away card. He has been putting his heart and soul into painting and sticker adding this evening.

Liam is currently sitting outside in a chair naked listening to the birds... It's so hilarious I would take a picture, but well you know.

Liam was watching a cartoon that was exploring a dark museum, and I came out of the kitchen to see him peeking out from over a blanket, he told me it was scary, so I went through and pointed out everything so that it wasn't scary anymore, and then he threw the blanket at me.... at least he wasn't scared anymore haha

I got Liam a new blowup pool that was on clearance. Unfortunately I do not own a bike pump, so I just spent over an hour blowing it up by mouth. For good measure Liam would sproadically come squeeze on parts of it to see how it would affect me.

Liam has started singing himself to sleep. It's so adorable, I go to the door and listen. I walked in one time and then it ruined his cool down mode, so now I don't interrupt him. He is such a sweet little boy

The best Friday nights are spent building train tracks with Liam.

We got a care package from grandma and Liam keeps repacking the box up and taking it to the door.  He then presses the wall and says "ding dong", pretends to receive a package and saying excitedly "Oh Thank you."  Then he unpacks the box jumps around excitedly and enjoys the stuff.
The box is then repacked and it starts all over again.  We are on about the tenth time now haha..

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