Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Boxes, Grandma and Train Tracks: The Mind of a Toddler

July was filled with having fun with boxes, grandma coming to visit, SeaWorld, trains, and things that movie lead Liam to say.  I love my hilarious little character of a toddler, these are some of the moments I was able to record from the past month.  Enjoy!

Liam and I decided we wanted to start out Friday night off playing with trains, so I took him to Hastings to buy a new train since he had been so good, and they are the only place that sells wooden trains.  Liam immediately decided that he wanted a Play-Doh dentist kit and wouldn't not settle for a train.  I told him we would think about it but he had to carry it.  He carried that set for over an hour while we looked at books and various other things and he told me how much he wanted it, so after carrying it around for that long, I figured that he deserved it haha.

Liam found a candy heart on the floor of the car and stuck it in his mouth
I said "Eww, don't eat that."
He replied defensively "I didn't eat it mom, I licked it."
Then he kept explaining to me repeatedly how he only licked it and he wasn't going to eat it.
I said "Liam, it was on the floor of the car, licking it is still gross."
His response was "I just licked it mom."

I was loading the dishwasher while Liam was getting out of the bath; upon completion I found he had dried off with 3 separate towels and changed around all the night lights in the house haha.

Liam found a lizard at bedtime, he kept hugging it and telling it her loved it and goodnight.  I finally got him to put it down gently with only a broken off tail.  He went in to use the bathroom and was in there for too long so I went to check on him and he was sitting on the floor with the lizard hugging it goodnight.  He was concerned about the lizard and asking me if it was ok.  I told him the lizard had to go outside to go home and put it outside, pretending not to notice the poor gecko's 3 smashed feet.  I hope it got away.  We talked about being gentle and I didn't have the heart to tell him the gecko was hurt.  

I think it just hit Liam at bedtime that grandma wasn't here anymore. He cried for a good while and wandered around aimlessly wanting grandma to play and read him a story... Wish we lived closer. 

Liam only wants to eat the frosting and the fudge/crunchy middle of his DQ ice cream cake.... he is definitely my child haha 

Liam swam on his own for the first time at the hotel pool in San Antonio!  So proud of my little man.

Liam and I are watching the Croods, and Liam says to me
"No mom, we don't hit people with rocks ok"
I agreed with him haha.

Liam turned my new laptop box into a toddler fun house haha.

Liam just brought me a box of birthday candles and told me "it's Liam's birthday."
I told him that his birthday wasn't until December.
He Said "Mom, sing Happy Birthday ok."
So I did and then he grabbed the candles again and said
"Go get my fire mom.."
Life with a toddler is never boring haha.

 Liam out of nowhere just screamed
"Mom! I Love You!"
So I yelled back
"I love you too"
He thought it was most hilarious things ever haha

I set Liam's lunch down in front of him and he asked
"You made this mom?"
I said "Yes I made it just for you Liam"
He said "Oh, good job mom, yummy in my tummy"
Motherhood has its perks

Liam and I are cleaning out the fridge, and he disappears at some point. I don't think much of it, until I hear him knocking on my bathroom door and yelling "Mom"
So I go see what he is up to and he has taken 6 slices of cheese and has them rolled up in a ball and is flattening them out with his play-doh rolling pin.
Liam then got to have (what I previously would have thought of as an unnecessary) explanation of the difference between cheese and play-doh...
Oh the joys of motherhood.

Liam just found a "little bunny FooFoo" video on youtube. Nothing makes it seem more ridiculous than to see it depicted. Haha I never realized just how silly that song was. When I was little it seemed so serious haha.

This morning when I woke Liam up for school he said
"Mom, I'm tired, I want to take a nap."
Maybe this means he will start sleeping in later....  

*No, it did not mean that at all yet this month     

 While reading bedtime stories,
Liam: "P is for Plane! Airplane"
Auntie Savannah: "Are you sure it's a plane? It looks like a pig"
Never a dull moment hahaha

 Liam's allergies are acting up and I just tried to give him a quarter dose of allergy medicine to help with his nose and he refused to take it saying
"I don't want to get better"
Bribing was effective in this instance...

I just went to check on Liam since he went back into his playroom and I caught him looking over lego building plans very intently like he was a foreman. He would take little sips from his cup without his eyes leaving the plans haha.

Tonight during hockey before bedtime Liam kept giving me "thumbs up mom" and then he would put an imaginary sticker on my hand, and I had to do the same for him haha.

Liam's new bedtime stalling technique is taking a really long poop with the door closed..... If you try to interrupt him he giggles and runs back to the toilet and says he needs to poop more... The only reason I can't get mad is that he actually does poop more....

Liam just told me "No bubbles in the eye mom, bubbles are for eating"
Oh the joys of bath time haha


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